We all get excited for summer, we can start planning road trips and family vacations.  Along with it, however, comes the dreaded chores of organising and packing.  Here are a few life hacks that will help you with the not so fun travel times.


Use a laundry basket and muffin tray as a large drinks holder.

Make your own nifty travel bag to keep all of your road trip essentials.

keep cotton pads and balls

Keep cotton pads or balls in your makeup cases to keep them from breaking apart when travelling.

Stick your phone in a zip lock bag to make the perfect holder for your movies and series during a road trip.

disposable gloves for toothbrush

Use a disposable glove to keep your toothbrushes clean. Put toothbrushes in the middle 3 fingers. Use the pinkie and thumb to tie the 3 together.

car trash can


A cereal container with a plastic bag makes a great trash can for your car.

Take some clothes pegs with you to prevent your toothbrush from touching any potentially dirty surfaces.

No-one opens sanitary bags to look for money, its the perfect hiding place.

If you’ve lost the plastic guard for your razor, an office clip makes a great replacement to help with your razor travels.

Keep and old cell phone in your cars glove box in case of emergencies, you’ll be grateful one day when you need it. Even better would be to keep it with a charger or power bank.

Most modern TVs have USB ports on the back of them, use them to charge your phones or gadgets when you don’t have the right adapters.

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Do you have any travel hacks, tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments section below. We are always looking for new ways to make life easier.