Here are five DIY home remedies for your hair which actually work.

Remove Product Build Up

If your hair is left permanently greasy due to a build up of hair product which wont come out with normal shampoo, try washing it with dish-washing liquid. The strong de-greasers in the dish-washing liquid will strip all of the excess product. Don’t do this too often though as the liquid will also remove the natural oils from your hair.

Homemade Dry Shampoo

Do you have darker hair in which the white residue left over from traditional dry shampoos shows up in? Try making your own, suitable for brown and red. Mix up a batch with 2tbsp corn starch, 2 tbsp cocoa powder and a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply and shake through for an instant cleanse.

Get Rid of Dandruff

Do you have any expiring ibuprofen (Nurofen) lying around? Crush it up and put it into your normal shampoo for an easy anti dandruff shampoo. The jagged edges in the crushed tablets will assist in improving dandruff removal according to InStyle

Natural Highlights

This is an age old trick, but it still works well and is a lot cheaper than a trip to the salon. Squeeze out the juice of a lemon into a cup and use a toothbrush to apply it to the strips you want highlighted. Now go and sit in the sun for a while (with sunscreen), around twenty to thirty minutes usually works best. Do this for a few days and lightened streaks are as easy as that. To lighten your whole head, pour some of the juice through all of your hair before sitting in the sun.

Remove Hair Extension Glue

Are you stuck with trying to remove the glue left behind after taking out extensions? Try soaking the gluey bits in olive oil for around 15 minutes. The oil will help to soften the glue and allow it to come out easily.

Do you have any more tips and tricks for your hair? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add them onto our list.

Cover Image: Washing my hair by the Italian voice used under CC BY 2.0

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