Is your leather jacket feeling too tight? Have you messed oil on your favorite shirt? We have a┬ásolution! Here are 21 ways you can repair, clean and alter your favorite clothing and shoe items so that you don’t have to throw them out.

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Clothing Hacks

Spray your sweaty clothing with lemon juice and water before throwing them in the wash to reduce discolouration and sweat marks. If the stains have already set in, try out sweat stain removal trick using baking soda.

lemon and water
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Is your leather jacket starting to feel a bit stiff and tight? Loosen it up by lightly wetting it and then stretching in it while it dries.

stiff leather jacket
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Reduce the drying time of your wet clothes by absorbing the excess water in a dry towel, simply roll your clothes up in the towel and stand on it to squeeze them out.

reduce drying clothes drying time

Get a stuck zipper loose by rubbing a crayon on both sides of the zipper.

loosen a stuck zipper with a crayon

Re thread your hoodie or pants cord by stapling the end inside a straw and then pulling the straw through the holes.

staple the hoodie cord to a straw

Use a disposable razor to pull pills from and old hoodie or sweatshirt.

use a razor to pull pills from and old shirt

Un-shrink your favorite sweater by soaking it in warm water and hair conditioner for around ten minutes.

unshrink your favorite sweater
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Get chewing gumout of your clothing by setting it in the freezer for a couple of hours or putting a bag of ice over it for a few minutes. It can then be easily scraped off with a butter knife.

get chewing gum out of your clothes by freezing it

If you’re on vacation or simply don;t have an iron around, here are some clever ways to get the wrinkles out of your clothes.

get wrinkles out of your clothes without an iron
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Skip using fabric softener and add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil into your laundry for the best smelling clothes. You could also save a fortune by trying our homemade fabric softener recipe.

lavender essential oil for great smelling clothes
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Alter a pair of jeans which don’t fit you anymore with this clever hack.

alter jeans which dont fit you anymore

And if thats too much effort then simply use a rubber band!

use a rubber band to expand your jeans

Shaving cream works amazingly well to remove makeup from your shirt collars.

shaving cream to remove makeup
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Use baby powder to get oil stains out of your clothing. Place some over the stain and allow it to sit for several minutes to absorb the oil.

use baby powder to get oil stains out of your clothing

Rub white bread on lipstick stains to remove them.

rub white bread onto lipstick stains
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Shoe Hacks

Repair holes in your shoes with a bicycle puncture repair kit.

repair holes in your shoes with a puncture repair kit

Use a slice of stale bread to rub stains out of suede shoes.

bread removes stains from suede shoes

Stretch out a pair of tight boots by putting on a couple of pairs of socks and then blasting them with the hair dryer.

stretch out a tight pair of boots
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Please unused tea bags into your shoes to stop them smelling.

stop shoes smelling with tea bags
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Or cut a dryer sheet in half and use one in each shoe to get rid of odors. Have a look at these other amazing uses for dryer sheets you may not know about.

dryer sheets also get rid of odors

Get your sneakers looking new again with an amazing magic eraser.

get your sneakers clean with a magic eraser

Do you have any clothing or shoe hacks which we haven’t put onto our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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