Warmer weather means spending more time outside. But having a gorgeous patio won’t do you or your guests much good if no one can see the space after the sun goes down. From doing some last-minute pool maintenance at night to hosting an after-hours cocktail party, if you want to make the most of your outdoor space, you’ll need to light it up with a series of immaculate lighting fixtures. Nothing sets the mood like light, so make sure you’re creating a welcoming environment for your guests by choosing fixtures that complement the space. Learn more about the latest outdoor lighting trends and how you can use them to transform your backyard area.

Built-in Lighting for More Subtlety

We’re living in the age of minimalist interior design. Many homeowners are opting for hidden lighting accessories as a way of creating a more seamless approach to interior design. These kinds of fixtures won’t bring attention to themselves as they switch on in the evening, so your guests will focus more on the experience at hand instead of obsessing over a gaudy light fixture. If you’re looking for subtler lighting options, you can hide the fixture behind a panel or a slab of wood to make sure it matches the rest of the wall. The light is typically pointed down, illuminating the ground and creating a series of shadows on the wall.

If you really want to make your lighting as subtle as possible, you can have them slowly turn on automatically with a timer. The light will steadily increase as day turns to night, so the difference in mood will be nearly imperceptible as the minutes go by.

Minimalist design is catching on with millennials. If you’ve just bought your first home, you can fit in with your peers by designing a sleek, seamless space. Or if you’re the parent of a millennial, you can impress this younger generation by tamping down the look of your property.

Going Solar

Looking to reduce energy consumption when lighting up your backyard? You can reduce your energy bills and create a self-sufficient lighting system in your backyard by using solar-powered lights. These fixtures get to sit outside all day, so it makes sense that they draw their power directly from the sun. When dusk rolls around, the lights will use this power to turn on automatically, so they won’t pull energy away from your home. Your utility bills will be lower, and you don’t have to worry about wiring these new lights to your home’s electric grid.

If you’re worried about large solar grids taking up space on your property, don’t be. Solar energy has come a long way in years past. You can find attractive lighting fixtures with subtle solar panels that won’t distract from the overall flow and design of the space.

If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, have a look at these 10 of the best DIY solar panel tutorials.

Lighted Pathways

Lighted Pathways

One of the biggest reasons to add some light to your outdoor space is so your guests can see where they’re going. But if it’s just a matter of helping your guests get from point A to point B, you shouldn’t have to fill up the space with large spotlights and overbearing fixtures that can be more blinding than anything else. Your guests don’t need a lot of light to walk several feet from the pool to the patio or vice versa. That’s why many homeowners are using lighted pathways and staircases to lead their guests around without filling up the space with too much light. These small lights are tucked into the pathway or staircase, so the guest can easily see where they’re going as they take each step. If you need to rush out to do some swimming pool maintenance, you can quickly get to the pool without having to search for a light. You can also take advantage of pool lighting to help light the way!

You’ll want to go with LED lights when designing the space. They are more energy efficient and they last three to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, so you won’t have to replace them as often. The lights don’t emit a lot of light, so they’re best used for transition areas instead of a gathering place like the pool or a patio.

Motion-Sensor Security

Motion-activated lighting has also exploded in popularity in recent years. These fixtures are convenient because they turn on automatically as soon as someone gets near the light. Your guests won’t be fumbling around in the dark trying to find a switch if you’re not there.

But motion-activated lighting is also about security. If a suspicious character gets onto your property, you can deter them with motion-activated lights. You can use mild lighting fixtures around the more functional parts of your outdoor space to create a soothing environment for your guests. But you can also add stronger, if not blinding, spotlights to the perimeter of your property to ward off unwelcome intruders. You can keep the space lit and safe at the same time.

Motion-Sensor Security

Cordless for More Portability

When we think of lighting, we usually think of it as stuck in one place. That’s why we place lights strategically around the space, so every corner is illuminated. But with the advancement of cordless lighting fixtures, that no longer holds true. You can be more selective with your lighting fixtures if you and your guests can move them around without a second thought. These fixtures tend to be solar or battery-powered, so no power cord is required. Someone can easily reposition a light or carry it out to the party without having to find a power outlet nearby. You don’t have to buy as many fixtures because you can move them around like pieces on a chess board.

Nothing helps you make the most of your outdoor space like the right lighting fixtures. Your guests can enjoy the space long after the sun goes down without having to sit around in the dark. Transform your patio with the latest outdoor lighting trends and set the mood for your next outdoor get-together.

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