If you’ve had a gas grill or stove cooker then you’ll know how frustrating it is to be midway through cooking and run out of gas. There’s no indicator built into the tank so its difficult to estimate how much propane you have left. Here’s a quick way to get an estimate on how much propane is left in your gas grill’s tank.

How To Check How Much Propane Is In Your Grill’s Tank

Close off the gas supply valve and remove the tank from inside the base of the grill. Make sure the valve is shut off tightly and that there is no gas leaking out of it. For this guide to work, the grill needs to have been standing in a reasonably shaded area so that the gas tank is not already hot.

Tilt the tank onto its side and pour a glass of warm water down the side, starting at the top and allowing it to run down the side. Now place the tank flat on the ground and feel the side you’ve just poured water on.

The tank should be warm from the water at the top and as you work your way down the side you’ll feel a sudden change in temperature and the bottom of the tank will be cold. The point at which the temperature change occurs is the level of gas left in the tank. The gas absorbs the heat from the water and doesn’t allow the tank to warm up in this area.

As a rough guide, a standard size bbq grill’s tank stores around 20 hours of propane gas, so if the tank is half full then you have around 10 hours of cooking left and a quarter full then you have around 5 hours of cooking time left.

When you’re done with your next bbq party, here’s an easy way to get the grill clean which doesn’t require scrubbing or hours of manual labour.

Check out the video below for the full details:



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