There’s not much that beats a summer weekend BBQ with friends or the family, relaxing in the sun with drinks and that distinctive BBQ smell to make the neighbors jealous. The not so fun part is having to clean your BBQ grill afterwards! Here’s an easy way to ensure you have a clean BBQ for next time without spending hours (or even minutes) scrubbing grease.

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What You Will Need To Clean Your BBQ Grill

  • Thick Garbage Bag
  • 1 Cup Ammonia

How To Clean Your BBQ Grill The Easy Way

We’re going to start with the easiest step, put the cup of ammonia into the thick garbage bag and then add your greasy BBQ grid. Seal it tightly by tying a knot in the top or turn it over with an elastic band. You need to seal the bag tightly as the fumes from the ammonia assist in the cleaning process, it the fumes escape then your grid is not going to come out clean.

Place the bag in a sunny spot and leave it for the day.

The next day, open the garbage bag up, be careful of the fumes, they can be strong and will make your eyes water.  Remove the grid and rinse it with cold water.  Pour the used ammonia down the drain and then flush with fresh water, open a nearby window to let the fumes out.

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Caution – Ammonia is a harsh chemical so wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when working with it. Try not to get ammonia on any of your plants or your grass as it will likely kill it.

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Cover Image: Grilled Shrimp by Roger Mommaerts used under CC BY 2.0

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