Giving your home, a room or an item of furniture a fresh coat of paint is one of the best and most affordable ways to refresh and upscale it. Here are some 2019 trends and tips to make your next painting job a breeze.

Whites Are Back In

It’s time to abandon the cooler grey tones which have dominated the home decor space for the past few years. More and more people are going back to warmer white tones and adding colour to the room with brightly coloured furniture and decor. Conversely, giving an old item of furniture a bright coat of paint may be just what your room needs to lighten it up. Have a look at these tips and tricks for painting furniture and cabinets.

White helps to reflect the light in your home which instantly brightens it up and greats the illusion of more open space.

Keep Your Brushes Wrapped Up

Whether you’re in the middle of a painting job and need to take a break for a few hours or you’re storing your clean paint brushes for a few months, this tip is a must.

wrap your brushes in plastic

Instead of cleaning off your brushes every time you take a break, simply wrap them up in plastic wrap, foil or a sandwich bag. This will prevent the paint from drying out and let you take a break and get back to work much quicker and more easily.

This tip also works well for long term storage of your brushes. Keeping them wrapped up keeps the bristles together and in good condition. Preventing dirt, dust and fibres from contaminating the bristles.

Ceilings No Longer Need To Be White

More and more people are dressing up their ceilings with a coat of coloured paint instead of the traditional white.

A dark coloured ceiling creates a more cozy and intimate feel, which really helps if you have double volume rooms or really high ceilings. This work particularly well in rooms used for relaxation such as bedrooms, the living room or a library.

Light colours offer a more vibrant and spacious feel, brightening up the mood of a room. These are more suited for “busy” spaces such as in the kitchen or play area. The best tip when working with light colours is that the less the contrast between the colour of your walls and your ceilings, the more spacious the room will feel.

colour your ceilings

Don’t Buy Cheap Brushes

In the competitive world of home products and DIY, suppliers are always looking at ways to reduce costs and create a perception of value for money. Don’t get caught out buying cheap brushes and rollers to apply your expensive paint. Buying more expensive brushes will give you a better surface finish, better coverage, leading to less money spent on paint and will save you time and frustrating in not having to pick bristles out of your fresh coat of paint or having a roller seize up halfway through a wall. Cheap brushes and rollers usually land up costing you more in the long run.

Box Your Paint

A new trend in the painting industry is to “box your paint”. For those who have never heard the term before, you get a good estimate on your paint quantity required, buy it all at once and then mix the individual containers together into one large container to ensure that you get a uniform texture and colour regardless of the batches and production dates of the paint.

If you’ve ever purchased the same paint colour in different batches then you’ll know the frustration in seeing the paint dry to reveal an obvious line of colour difference. Boxing your paint aims to alleviate this problem.

mixing paint

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