Nobody ever has enough money and decorating doesn’t sit very high up on the list of priorities. It is hard to justify spending money on decor, wallpaper, lights and artwork when you have rent, bills and food to pay for. Here are some tips to decorate on a tight budget to give your home a well finished look.

Take a Marker to your Walls

sharpie wall markers

Sharpies by Windell Oskay

This idea may come as a shock to you but it actually yields surprisingly good results with very little cost. Instead of buying wallpaper to decorate and create a feature wall, use some markers or white board crayons to draw on the wall with a stencil. Markers are available in a multitude of colours as well including metallic gold and silver.

The best past is that if you do decide to go back to a blank wall or change the pattern, it can simply be washed off and redone.

Paper is your Friend

homemade paper decor

Paper Hearts by Torley

Use paper wherever possible, it is literally one of the cheapest things you can use. There are a number of decor items which you can make out of paper including paper flowers, wreaths, artwork and lamp shades. Use a variety of paper types and textures for the best effect.

Look Out for Sale Items

buy sale items

Sale by Michael Mandiberg

Hardware stores and home decor stores have massive sales at the end of season and end of product ranges. These items are usually massively discounted and can save you a fortune in decorating your home.

If you are thinking of painting a feature wall or repainting a room, have a look at a few stores and ask around. Paint has a shelf life and expires eventually, any left over stock is usually sold at well below cost just to get rid of it.

Decorate With Homemade Mirrors & Art

designer mirror

You pay a premium for mirrors and artwork in stores, most of which can be easily replicated at home. Here is an easy guide to make your own designer mirror for around a third of the price of a store bought one. You can also buy craft paints and canvases relatively cheaply and paint your own artwork. Take photos of designs and patterns you like in store and copy them at home.

Repurpose Old Furniture

repurpose old furniture

Old French Furniture by French Finds

Thrift stores and garage sales are your friend when it comes to finding additional furniture. Use your imagination, a coat of paint and some new handles can often give on old set of drawers or a shelf a new look. Here is a useful guide and ideas on re-purposing old furniture to create a feature piece on a budget.

Don’t Forget the Thrift Store

shop at the thrift store

Thrift Store by Steve Snodgrass

When last did you go past your local thrift store? There are usually a multitude of hidden gems you can find in a thrift store so always have a look there before going to the home decor store. Here are some things to look for at your local thrift store.

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