The DIY Life is open to promote, review or advertise any tips, tools, products or services which are related to technology, Arduino and DIY projects around the house. We offer advertisers the opportunity to promote their brand or products through our website in an affordable and effective way.

We offer banner or block advertising which can be placed on our homepage, general posts or specifically selected posts. The fee’s related to advertising depend on the type of advertising requested and the target posts selected (as applicable), please contact us with a description on the type of advertising you require and we’ll send through the pricing applicable to your advert type.

We can also do feature pages or sponsored posts in which the advertiser pays for an author at The DIY Life to write an article related to the item or service being advertised. The article is then sponsors by the advertiser and the advertiser is given space in the article to advertise in the form of images, links or text. If you’ve seen a post which is already posted on our site which you’d be interested in sponsoring and is not currently sponsored by another party, let us know and we’d be happy to have you on board.

Finally, we are also available to review and demonstrate the use of products or services. Products can be sent to The DIY Life for review or demonstration. Reviews typically take a bit longer than advertising as we’d like to use the product for a week or two before providing an opinion on it. Physical products can be sent through to us for review, although we are not based in the US, we do have a forwarding agent in the US who will arrange the onward shipment to our offices. Please contact us to make arrangements to send products to us for review.

To arrange advertising with us or to organise a product review, please contact us by completing our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.