6 Things You Should Buy At A Thrift Store

Have you ever given the thrift store a chance when shopping for these items? Thrift stores often have great deals on products which are in almost new condition so save money by buying these items, they are often less than half of their new price. Here are six of the best items to buy from your local thrift store.

Here’s What You Should Buy At A Thrift Store


thrift store dvds

DVDs by Kim Bach

While you’re not going to find the latest movies, thrift stores usually have a huge collection of older DVDs. These include kids movies and some of the good old classics. Always have a quick look through the DVD section, you may be surprised by what you find.


Does your family love to play games? These are also sold in abundance at the thrift store. Stock up next holiday season or keep some new ones at home for a rainy day. Just make sure to go through any games briefly to check that all of the cards or pieces are there before you buy it.


thrift store books

Books by Kirrus

Why pay retail prices for something you are going to read once and put on a shelf for the rest of its life? Books are often one of the cheapest things you can find in a thrift store and they don’t really age. Next time you are going on vacation or a weekend away, take a turn past the thrift store for your next read.

Designer Clothes

Especially for children. Designer clothes are well below half of their retail price at thrift stores and are usually quite new in the case of children’s clothes. These items usually sell out quite quickly but if you regularly go past, you’ll probably find a good deal here and there.


thrift store old furniture

Old French Furniture by French Finds

If you’ve read our article on flipping old furniture, you’ll know that its easier than it looks. There are some tips to consider when buying old furniture but you can usually turn a piece into a feature for a fraction of the price of a new one. It doesn’t always require a lot of hard work either, often a coat of paint is all that is needed.

Picture Frames

While we’re on the topic of home decorating, picture frames are another bargain to find at thrift stores. Picture frames are usually in good condition, after all they are only hung on the wall. Older ones are also ideal for a distressed or farmhouse theme.

What are some of then other items you like to buy from thrift stores? Have you ever found a real bargain? Let us know in the comments section below.

Cover Image: ThriftStore by Steve Snodgrass. All images in this post are used under CC BY 2.0.


Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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