10 Essential Tools For Beginner DIY’ers

Cordless Impact Drill

dewalt cordless impact drill

A cordless drill is a versatile tool that is designed for drilling holes and driving screws however with its key-less three jaw chuck it can also be used to drive a rotary sander, wire brush, hole saw and some grinding attachments. They also generally come with a torque limiting clutch which allows you to accurately control the torque applied to screws.

Digital or Spirit Level

digital level

A level is essential for hanging pictures or mirrors, painting straight lines, leveling slabs and decks as well as correcting drainage problems. A digital level usually has a display which reads out an angular measurement and is far more accurate than a spirit level’s bubble position.


claw hammer

A claw hammer is useful not only for hammering nails into wood, walls or concrete but also for chipping or chiseling, tapping out hinge pins and removing unwanted nails.

Measuring Tape

measuring tape

A good quality measuring tape is an inexpensive tool which will save you hours of frustration on your DIY projects. Look for one which is at least 5m (16’) and has a multi-purpose end catch which is suitable for hooking over wall and counter ends as well as nail and screw heads.

Hilti Picture Hanger

hilti picture hanging tool

Anyone who has tried hammering a nail into a brick or plaster wall knows that it is easier said than done. A Hilti hanging tool grips the nail firmly, keeps it straight and gives you a much larger surface to aim for which helps keep your walls from being damaged and saves your fingers.

Dremel Rotary Tool

dremel rotary tool

A Dremel rotary tool is the most versatile tool you will use. A quick look at one of their stands at a hardware store reveals the multitude of attachments and accessories they supply. Some of its uses include sanding, grinding, engraving, etching, cutting, polishing, brushing, sharpening blades, removing grout etc. There are also a range of attachments useful for turning your tool into a drill press, grinder or plunge router.

Orbital Sander

orbital sander

Sanding anything larger than an A4 page by hand is extremely labour intensive. An orbital sander removes the hard work involved in refurbishing old furniture, doing preparation work for painting and for wood work. Look for one with hook and loop sand paper attachments as this makes switching between different grits and replacing worn out paper quick and easy.

Miter Box

mitre box

Save piles of wasted scrap wood and hours of measuring with a good quality miter box and hand saw. A miter box comes with pre-made slots in which the saw fits in order to quickly cut off planks of wood at 90°, 45° and often 22.5° as well.

Screw Driver Set

screw driver set

Screw drivers are essential for taking things apart, assembling kit furniture as well as hanging up pictures, shelves and accessories. Sacrifice quantity for quality and rather purchase a smaller set of 4 to 6 good quality screw drivers instead of a set of 20 or more cheap ones. Good quality screw drivers are made of a high quality tool steel with hardened tips to prolong the life of the tool. Most top brands offer a lifetime guarantee on their screw drivers.

Staple Gun

staple gun

An industrial stapler is a must have for any upholstery job. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to re-cover a bar stool or an ottoman with just a pair of scissors and a staple gun. Hidden staples are also useful when gluing furniture or frames together to hold the wood until the glue dries. Additionally round staples can be used to neatly fix electric cables to skirting boards or dry wall.

Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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