12 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Most of us had some sort of experience as a kid being told to clean up our room or organize our closet. Some of us were lucky enough for that advice to stick, but for the rest of us – the people reading this article, I’d imagine – we haven’t had the time or dedication to develop our closet cleaning skills. Or maybe you’re just looking for some extra ideas that can help you turn your closet into an organized work of art. Or you just have OCD.

Whatever the reason you’re here, we’re going to give you something to take away. Today we’re going to outline the 12 coolest tips that you can use to help keep your closet organized.

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1. Consider expanding

The closet doesn’t have to be the only storage room in your house. This can be one of the main reasons that leads to people developing some seriously overstuffed closets. If you’ve got extra room in your house, you should consider expanding your closet to encompass some of that space.

If you don’t have extra space, you can make some – you can just stick some wall racks or hangers up in your bedroom or in a hallway or in your bathroom. It’s impressive how much space you can create out of nothing.

2. Organize by height

One cool tip to help keep things easily accessible is to arrange your closet in accordance to what you wear the most and what you wear the least. You can store the things that you use all the time at eye level or body-height so they’re easily accessible, and stash things that you don’t wear very often below or above them.

You can put things you hardly wear, like celebratory shoes, on a rack at the very top. This area can house things that you’ll only need for specific occasions.

3. Get rid of some clutter

Unless you’re a meticulous closet-keeper, chances are there are some things in your closet that you don’t use. Heck, even people who keep their closet clean all the times are sometimes just reorganizing garments that they never use anymore.

Look at everything you haven’t worn in a few months. Chances are it’ll be hard to toss these things if they have sentimental memories attached to them, but the reality is is that if you haven’t worn it in a few months, the only time you ever think about it is when you see it in your closet. You won’t miss it once it’s gone.

4. Coordinate your hangers

You can coordinate your hangers so you can see what sort of items you’re looking through in any area. You can do this by colour coding them or getting a certain type of hanger for dresses, one type for jeans, one type for shirts, etc. This will also help your closet look fantastic in addition to making it easier for you to access things.

5. Use containers

Storage containers can go a long way, and you can use them to help organize your closet so you don’t just have things hanging. Many storage containers come with multiple levels so you can keep all sorts of different things organized without having to rifle through a single storage box.

Hanging organizers can also be utilized to provide an attractive, easily accessed storage area that allows you to use space that would have otherwise just been occupied by air.

6. Get some dividers or labels

Dividers are a great way to turn your bigger, bulkier shelves into more organized compartments. Dividers allow you to split up folded clothes from towels or other accessories while still allowing you to conserve as much space as possible.

Another way is by using printable labels for organizing stuff in your closet. You can grab some labels from your local craft store or create your own custom labels.

7. Make sure your closet is well-lit

You’ve probably had at least one experience where you’re looking for something and once you find it you realize that you must have glanced over it two or three times before you actually realized where it was.

This can be caused by improper lighting. Lighting a closet might not seem like the most immediate need but it will save you a lot of time and energy to get a light that actually illuminates all corners of your closet.

8. Replace your doors

We all know how much space a door can take up if it swings out. It can make it virtually impossible to access a certain area of your closet, or it can at least make it extremely inconvenient for you to do it because you’ll have to dance around the door while you close it in order to access whatever it’s blocking off.

You can replace it with a curtain or some sort of screen if you want to save the space that the door occupies when it swings open.

9. Use stackables

There are a lot of stackable containers that you can use to store things that will easily fit into each other when they’re not in use. This will allow you to only use storage as you need it and can also encourage you to keep getting rid of things that you don’t need anymore.

Laundry baskets and totes can fit into each other and can even hold items in them while they’re being stacked on top of each other.

10. Get some hooks

If you have empty wall space in your closet, think about all the stuff you could fit in your closet if you turned that wall space into storage space!

All you need to do is get some coat hooks. Coat hooks aren’t just for coats – you can hang shirts, dresses, hats, and all manner of things on a coat hook. This will allow you to clear up some space for your clothes hangers that you can put other garments on.

11. Colour code

One of the coolest things you can do with your closet is color code things. Colour code the different sections – you can colour code the things hanging on hooks and hangers, colour code your shoes and socks, colour code your pants.

Not only does this have a tremendous impact on how easy it is to find things in your closet, it also makes your closet look like a work of art. Instead of walking into an unorganized mess of hanging clothes, you’ll be walking into your own personal feng shui domain – and it’ll all be feng shui that you can wear. This also makes it a lot easier for you to pick the clothes you want to wear for the day.

12. Get some out-of-closet storage

Things like suitcases or boxes can be used to keep items that you only use in certain seasons out of your closet to clear up space for other things. Wool blankets and things of that nature can be stored in nice-looking containers in other areas of your house so they’ll double as decorations and also free up space in your closet.

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