40 Frugal Tips To Save Money On Living Expenses

Think how much money you would save if you packed your own lunch and made your own coffee to go this week? What is you car pooled as well? One of these tips may save you $5, two or three may save you up to $100 a week and soon you’ll be well on your way to paying off your debts or going on a family vacation. Here are 40 ways you can save money on your living expenses.

  1. Use the cash only envelope system
  2. Ride your bike, walk or use public transport
  3. Do your own repairs
  4. Sell stuff you don’t use
  5. Don’t buy stuff to impress people
  6. Cut up old shirts and use them for cleaning rags
  7. Purchased used, vintage furniture instead of new furniture
  8. Compost your food waste
  9. Shop local
  10. Use coupons when you grocery shop
  11. Install low flow toilets and shower heads
  12. Buy energy efficient appliances
  13. DIY your gifts
  14. Plan staycation holidays
  15. Plan your errand to save time and gas
  16. Buy cheaper cuts of meat or opt for meatless meals
  17. Freeze your leftover vegetables to use in soups and bone broths
  18. Eat more beans and rice dishes
  19. Cut down on the electronic use, unplug and enjoy family time
  20. Drink more water and less pop and juice
  21. Run your washing machine and dishwasher only when full
  22. Run your washing machine on the cold water cycle
  23. Turn off lights that aren’t being used
  24. Cancel your landline telephone
  25. Fix leaky faucets
  26. Ditch your single use paper and plastic items
  27. Save your coins in a jar
  28. Stop using the pay as you go apps on your phones
  29. Unplug appliances that aren’t being used
  30. Turn the heat down and save on electricity
  31. Buy bulk, divide and freeze
  32. Cook from scratch
  33. Pack a bag lunch
  34. Plan an eat what you have meal plan for the week
  35. Ensure your furnace and hot water tank are maintained
  36. Weatherstrip the windows and doors
  37. Learn to say no
  38. Only fill the bath 1/2 full for bathtime
  39. Learn to use household tools
  40. Replace all your light bulbs with LED bulbs

Do you have any other tips for saving money on living expenses? Let us know in the comments section below.

Michael Klements
Michael Klements
Hi, my name is Michael and I started this blog in 2016 to share my DIY journey with you. I love tinkering with electronics, making, fixing, and building - I'm always looking for new projects and exciting DIY ideas. If you do too, grab a cup of coffee and settle in, I'm happy to have you here.


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