5 Genius Solutions to Common Kitchen Design Problems

Poor kitchen design can prevent you from using your kitchen in a seamless and efficient way. But the right design solutions will help ease your headaches and save you plenty of time. A complete kitchen renovation project is thus a perfect opportunity for you to fix any annoyances in your kitchen.

To help you out, here are some solutions to common kitchen design problems by Toby Walker from Zesta Kitchens.

1. Storage

Insufficient storage is one of the common kitchen design problems that result from poor planning. This can lead to frustration, mess and clutter. To fully maximize the space, you need careful and imaginative planning and expert help.

Most modern kitchens are equipped with numerous kitchen tools and appliances. Organizing all these implements has become a common challenge.

Incorporating an appliance cupboard in your kitchen design can be a good solution as this offers plenty of storage space. You can keep items here that often come out once or twice a year. It can also be home to vases of different shapes and sizes, platters and water jugs.

Another clever storage solution to consider is to include hidden spice racks and secret drawers in your design. Good kitchen design maximizes storage, helping owners keep bench tops clear and avoid a cluttered look.

2. Ventilation

Proper ventilation will allow the removal of steam, cooking smells and smoke in the kitchen. Otherwise, the smell can linger on your clothes and furniture, especially for properties with open-plan layouts.

When choosing a kitchen ventilation system, look for a high-quality model and the right size of ducting. This way, it fits perfectly on your chosen hood. Also, this will result in a quieter and effective extraction, leading to increased energy efficiency and making the unit less likely to incur damage.

Imagine how much noise your rangehood makes if you choose a model that has a noisy motor, which is also a common kitchen design mistake. This is crucial if your kitchen is huge enough that everyone often gathers in it. You should hear the television or comfortably converse with someone even while there’s cooking going on.

3. Countertop Space

Another common kitchen design problem is insufficient countertop or benchtop space. This can also be frustrating because your counter is essential for a huge number of tasks carried out in the kitchen.

Having sufficient benchtop space does not just offer convenience but promotes safety as well. You do not want to find yourself carrying hot food across your kitchen looking for the safest spot to set it down.

Homeowners often neglect to leave enough space opposite or next to an oven or a fridge – this can host extra counter space. Another excellent solution you can try is to get a movable island extension. A unit on wheels will give you flexibility if you need it most.

4. Rubbish and Recycling

Sufficient space for garbage management is also something that you may overlook. A small trash bin can often easily fit in a cabinet, allowing you to maintain the clean aesthetics of your kitchen. However, the reality is that only a small container can fit most cabinets. The bin may fill up too fast which means constant emptying for you.

Some of the most effective solutions to this problem are to get a container with bigger capacity, install a kitchen waste disposal unit, or bring in a bin with separate compartments. Rubbish removal services like Kwik Sweep will help you to get rid of an even greater amount of garbage in no time.

5. Task Lighting

Another complaint you might have is insufficient task lighting. This type of lighting is essential in any kitchen as it focuses direct light to specific sites. These include the stove, sink areas, and the countertop or benchtop.

Usually, counters for preparing food are positioned under the upper cabinets. Thus, these cabinets will cast shadows and even darken the surface if there is no additional lighting. The lack of light makes slicing, cutting and other food preparation tasks more challenging.

The best solution to this kitchen design problem is to install spotlights on the underside of upper cabinets and statement pendants over an island. By doing so, you successfully combine practicality with great visual impact.

Gone are the days when only one cook is in the kitchen. Today, one person is preparing in the countertop space while the others are cooking on the stove and searching for food in the ref.

A modern kitchen is now a busy place where you and your family members share the same space. Thus, you must be meticulous when planning your kitchen design. Most importantly, work with a kitchen designer who considers your habits, kitchen requirements and lifestyle.

If you found these solutions interesting, have a look at these useful kitchen tips and tricks or take on a DIY project and build your own kitchen island.

Toby Walker
Toby Walkerhttps://www.zestakitchens.com.au/
Toby Walker is the Director and Operations Manager of Zesta Kitchens. With over 30 years of industry experience (having previously operated Nobby Kitchens and Bunnings Warehouse Kitchen Centres), Toby's passion is providing a unique customer kitchen renovation experience, and this filters through the business to ensure a quality product with an on-time kitchen renovation.


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