5 Residential Architecture Trends to Follow When Building a Home

In areas such as fashion, makeup and even interior design, various trends seem to come and go with each passing season. However, architecture is an area that doesn’t seem to be as easily affected by passing trends. That being said, if you are building a house, there are some architectural features you may want to pay special attention to. These features mostly revolve around some of the architectural elements that seem to be quite popular currently but whose popularity will only continue to grow. Let’s see what are some of the best residential architecture trends you should be focusing on when designing a house.

Consider the open floor plan

Consider the open floor plan

The open floor plan seems to be one of the hottest residential architecture trends for quite some time now. This beautiful architectural feature is in pretty high demand among home buyers. So, no matter if you are building your future home or you’re simply creating a property you intend to sell, make sure you don’t overlook this popular trend. Properties that feature an open floor plan offer plenty of flexibility to their future owners. Here, the only thing you really need to consider is just how open you want your space to be. Discuss your plans with the contractors and see how open you can go.

Go with multiple master suites

Furthermore, since you have the chance to create the house of your dreams, you should look into the option of creating master suits instead of simple bedrooms. This type of layout will make far more sense, especially for bigger families as every bedroom will have an en suite, which will significantly boost the functionality of the space. Furthermore, these types of rooms tend to instantly look and feel more luxurious. When you really think about it, why shouldn’t you create a luxury hotel experience in your home if you already have a chance to do so?

Make the space feel luxurious

Make the space feel luxurious

On a similar note, you certainly don’t want to create a home that feels too bland and dull. Instead, your new property should ooze with luxury and style wherever you turn. That’s why, when designing your new home, you should turn to professionals and look into properties designed by luxury mansion builders. By drawing inspiration from such properties and getting help from true experts in order to include all the features you’ve found particularly interesting, there’s really no way you can go wrong when creating the plans for your new home.

Focus on sustainability

Another important aspect of your future home you should pay attention to is your new home’s sustainability. This may not seem too important to you now, but if you ever decide to sell your new home, sustainability will play a huge part in determining the price. Simply put, future homeowners feel more inclined to choose properties that are sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Additionally, they won’t even mind paying a bit more for such a property as they’re aware of all the benefits it brings. To ensure that your home is more sustainable and energy-efficient, consider building it up instead of out. What this means is that taller homes are generally considered to be more efficient than wider, single-level homes. Furthermore, you should also pay attention to the structure of the property. For example, even though the majority of homes are built with wooden construction frames, a structural steel frame is a way better option. Not only are these significantly lighter – believe it or not – but they’re also far more eco-friendly as they’re commonly produced from recycled steel.

Use basement and attic space wisely

Use basement and attic space wisely

In the end, when building your home, make sure you show some love to your attic and basement. These areas people usually leave looking raw and seemingly unfinished as they most commonly use them as additional storage. But if you’re already building your home from scratch, you can choose to adapt these areas as well. The attic can easily be turned into a functional loft later on, so why not do it now? When it comes to the basement, you can choose to turn it into a gaming room, wine cellar, workshop, creativity hub or a good old traditional man cave. By adapting these areas of your home and turning them into functional areas right off the bat, you’ll eliminate the need to have your home under construction on a later date. Besides, if you’re already building your home make sure you fill it with all the functional features.

These were just some of the hottest residential architecture trends you should keep in mind when building your home. Implementing them in your house’s design will not only provide you with a beautiful and functional living space you can enjoy for many years to come. They can actually boost the value of your property significantly if you ever decide to sell it.

Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller
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