7 Things You Can Clean in the Dishwasher

It turns out, your dishwasher can be used to clean a lot more than just your dirty dishes. Here is a list of items which can easily be cleaned in your dishwasher, just remember that some of these things should be washed on their own, not along with your dishes.

You’ll be amazed to know that your dishwasher can also be used for cooking! Try out this method for cooking salmon in the dishwasher, it can even be done while your dishes are being cleaned.

Here’s What You Can Wash In The Dishwasher

Sports Mouth Guard: Throw them on the top rack or into the cutlery basket for a good cleaning.

dog food

Dog Bowl By Chris Gladis

Pet Bowls: Your dog and cat’s bowls can all be washed in the dishwasher. Be careful with the plastic ones on a drying cycle as they may not be heat resistant. Dry off any metal bowls with a towel as collected water will cause rusting.

Fruit and Vegetables: Are you having guests over for dinner? Give yourself some extra time by washing your vegetables and fruit in the dishwasher. Hard fruit and vegetable like potatoes, carrots and apples are well suited. Use a cycle with low or no heat and plain washer to wash them off. This gets rid of dirt and helps with pesticides.

lego cup mix

Lego by Jonathan Stewart

Kids Toys: Use the dishwasher to sanitise your kids toys. Your kids constantly have dirty hands and their mouths on their toys. Things like Legos, dolls, action figures and pretty much any other plastic toy can be washed and sanitised on a regular cycle. Don’t use the drying cycle as the heat may damage the plastic, just open the dishwasher and let it air dry. Place Lego’s in a mesh bag on the top rack for the best results.

Toothbrush: A toothbrush needs a good clean every now and again. Load it into the cutlery basket and run it with your regular dishes. Don’t put your battery operated or electric toothbrush into the dishwasher.

kitchen sponges

Kitchen Sponges by Horia Varlan

The Kitchen Sponge: Throw your kitchen sponge in with a regular load of dishes, the heat will kill off any bacteria and eliminate any bad smells. Alternately place it in the microwave on high for two minutes for a similar result.

Glass Light Cover and Lamp Shades: Glass covers on lights are a collection point for dust and insects. Give them a quick rinse and then run them through a regular cycle. You’ll be amazed at how clean they come out, or at how dirty they were.

What are some of the items you have used your dishwasher to clean? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments section below.

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Cover image: OpenDishwasher by Joanna Bourne. All images used in this post are used under CC BY 2.0


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