Elegant Oriental Home Decor for a Touch of Luxury

There is something very calming and inviting about Asian-style interior design. It reminds us of the harmony and wisdom that the eastern cultures nurture and value above all. However, that’s not all. oriental home décor can also bring the luxury and the unique charm of the orient into any living space with its vibrant colours and beautiful artistic details. If you think your home looks too ordinary for your taste and you want to make some changes towards eastern elegance, here are some wonderful ideas to guide you.

Colors as Inspiration

Oriental design is a bright and colorful one. Colors such as red or yellow, which remind of the sun and symbolize things like vitality, energy, passion and life itself are an essential part of any eastern home. However, these colors should be incorporated into your living space with some consideration and care. They are strong and if there are too much detail in these colours or they cover surfaces which are too big, the space can seem overwhelming and even chaotic. This is why you should pick one or two details, such as a lighting fixture, an interesting curtain or a large vase and turn them into a focal point of your orientally-styled room. 


Oriental Prints with a Neutral Background

Fabric in eastern styles often feature beautiful and ornamental patterns or images depicting nature and everyday life. They come in various combinations of colors and textures and can add a breath of orient into your living room and bedroom alike. However, when you layer too many textiles with these prints, no matter how appealing and lovely they look, they can strip away the calming effect you were going for and leave you rather confused. So, to achieve some balance, introduce these prints as an element of Asian design in a room where the walls and the majority of the furniture are in neutral colors. The luxury will still be there, but it won’t be screaming at you from the moment you step into the room.

A Dash of Chinoiserie

As the northern world started embracing everything Asia had to offer with regards to décor, a new style called chinoiserie arose. It relies on furniture and other decorative pieces inspired by the Chinese, Japanese and generally all Asian cultures to bring the desired sophistication and elegance into often modern western homes. This is something that could help you with decorating your own home as well. Wooden chairs, tables, cupboards and a chest of drawers with elaborate drawings in hues of golden brown, white and yellow are one way to go. However, if you don’t want to replace your existing furniture, you can enrich your rooms with graciously beautiful chinoiserie cushions. You can simply place them on the sofa or bed you already have as the perfect chinoiserie accessory and make your living room or bedroom instantly cozier and more welcoming.


Enable Uninterrupted Energy Flow

Another thing that’s typically Asian are the open floor plans they often opt for in their homes. This is because they believe that positive energy, as an important part of life, should flow freely through their whole living space. It’s a form of Zen design which they cherish and make an effort to create harmony by placing objects in exactly the right spots. This energy and its effects are then increased by using natural material and design elements, such as bamboo or wood. And if you want to separate the rooms at any moment, consider investing in several folding screens. They can give you the privacy you seek and add some more of the oriental style you’re aiming for. Plus, they’re easily removable and can be placed in any other part of your home when the need arises. 

Mix the Oriental with the Modern

This is actually even easier than it sounds, since these styles have something in common. They both lean towards simplicity and are minimalist in function and form, meaning that you don’t have to infuse the space with too much chinoiserie and other Asian decorative details. It’s enough to add some modern chairs or stools made of bamboo or a few pots with orchids near your windows. By choosing more subtle elements of Oriental décor and by sticking to neutral tones and natural materials, you can make your home more tranquil and pleasant. One nice idea is to find a low table and round cushions around it instead of a regular dining room table, where you and your family can have meals together and bond in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Introducing pieces of eastern culture and style into your home can give it a whole new look and allow you to feel more energetic, cheerful and relaxed there. And with ideas as good as these, you’ll have no trouble with enhancing your home appearance as soon as today. 

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Elegant Oriental Home Decor For A Touch Of Luxury
Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller is a Sydney-based graphic designer, passionate writer and proud auntie. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. “Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws his own portrait.” Jean - Paul Sartre


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