Fall Home Maintenance Checklist, Be Prepared For Winter

With fall on its way, here is an essential checklist to get your home ready for the winter months:

  • Take out the snow shovels and snow blower, make sure that they are all in good conditions and usable. Service your snow blower if necessary.
  • Stock up on ice melt. You’ll want to get some before the stores run out.
  • Clean out your chimney. During the year, leaves, birds nest and spider webs may have accumulated and clogged your chimney. Make sure that it is clear so that your first fire doesn’t start a fire in the chimney as well.
  • Check the perimeter of your home. Make sure that no low spots have formed where melting ice and snow may leak water into the basement.
  • Move you composting container into the shed or garage. You’ll need the extra compost in spring so make sure that its ready. Add the fall leaves to the top and in spring you’ll be able to give your garden an early boost.
  • Prepare your outdoor pipes and hoses. Frozen water does a lot of damage to pipes, hoses and irrigation systems. Make sure you have winter proofed these items and removed the water where possible.
  • Wrap up your plants. Cover any of your delicate plants so that they are not damaged by the snow or ice.
  • Weatherproof your windows. Weather strips and caulk prevent drafts and stop the cold air from entering your home which reduces your heating bill.
  • Check door seals. Check and replace your door seals and strips so that no air leaks through them.
  • Check your central heating or HVAC is still working. Don’t waste money on an expensive call out, have it serviced beforehand. Check the air filters while you’re at it.

Do you have any items which should be on this list? What are your fall preparation tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments section below.

Cover Image: Leaves by Joy Kirr used under CC BY 2.0
Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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  1. For those of us who live below the snow line there are things we can do to prepare as well
    Clean out rain gutters and yard drains
    Check for roof leaks during first rain event
    Vacuume and clean out furnace and or hvac
    clean all heater vents
    Light pilot light on furnace
    Drain water heater to get rid of any sediment in tank follow manufactures recommendations
    Check Windows and doors for tight seals
    Cover or but away any non weather resistant out door furniture
    Tie down or store awnings and umbrellas
    Change irrigation clocks and run times
    Set out ant bait now so when and if the rain comes they won’t head for your home or garage
    This is a short list ,being prepared is no accident !


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