Fall-Inspired Décor Tips for Creating a Cozy, Earthy Vibe in Your Home

While there are people who are in the “one and done” mindset when it comes to decorating their interiors – meaning that they don’t quite enjoy changing things around, there are certainly those who are looking to change their interior styles a bit following the current season. That’s why, in spring, some people like to fill their homes with fresh flowers and greenery, while in the summer, this décor is usually replaced with the seaside and coastal elements, so here are some fall-inspired décor tips to inspire you.

By the time fall rolls around, seashells and faux corals are slowly making way for all the beautiful fall-inspired décor. Since fall is the time of year when people used to harvest their crops and prepare for the winter that’s yet to come, it becomes quite obvious why fall décor features a lot of organic and earthy elements. That being said, here are some interesting ways you can incorporate this cozy décor into your living space.

Go with the theme and fill your space with fall-inspired décor colors

Go with the theme and fill your space with fall colors

One of the staples of the fall season is its amazing color scheme. All around the world people tend to flock to certain places just to have the opportunity to watch the leaves go from deep and vibrant greens into all possible shades of yellow, orange and maroon. That’s why if you want to introduce some fall into your interior, consider implementing these colors into your design. Burnt orange, mustard yellow and deep, maroon red are some of this season’s staple hues. Of course, to amp up that earthy vibe, you can add some beige and brown into the mix as well. Balancing these hues and having them clash and contrast will only emphasize their individual beauty.

Make the ambience cozy and welcoming with the right accessories

Make the ambience cozy and welcoming with the right accessories

The best way to incorporate the mentioned colors is through the right accessories. Think: throw pillow covers – corduroy is such a fall fabric, chunky knit throw blankets and woven table runners. If you want to amp up the style even further, consider making a few décor arrangements for your fireplace mantel, coffee and dining table, as well as your front door.  A nice, big, chunky wreath made of dry leaves, corn knobs, baby pumpkins and chestnuts simply screams fall. If you want to have your arrangements last you more than one season, you can even consider going with faux alternatives of these fall staples.

Invite nature into your abode

Invite nature into your abode

To boost the natural, cozy and earthy vibe of this décor, you should filly our space with nature as much as possible. Aside from going for a truly fall-inspired décor, you can also add some other elements made of natural materials to your space. For instance, replace your blanket bins with woven blanket baskets made of natural twine and invest in a stunning jute rug that will act as a base of your entire room design. A décor piece such as a jute rug will not only further enhance the coziness of your abode, but it will also provide you with a durable and comfortable underfoot solution that’s also sleek and stunning in design. The best part with such a décor piece is that its natural, raw beauty makes it easily blendable with virtually any style and design.

Let your spooky shine

Let your spooky shine

Since fall is also the season when one of the most fun holidays takes place – Halloween, you can use this opportunity to let your inner spooky shine. Adding a bit of spooky to your already-existing fall décor won’t be too difficult. Depending on the scope and size you want to go with, you can just make a couple of spooky elements – such as fabric ghosts and bats made of egg containers – and add them to your fall decorations. Alternatively, you can carve a couple of Jack-o’-lanterns and place them on your porch and use garbage bags to make lawn ghosts and spooky spider webs. The best part about adding Halloween decorations to your fall décor is that you absolutely don’t need to go spooky. There are so many cute Halloween décor alternatives perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go dark and gloomy.

So, if you are looking to add a bit of fall to your interior space, definitely check some of these ideas out. Again, depending on your preferences, you can go as big or as small as you want. As long as you keep the fall color scheme in mind and you choose the right elements, you’ll be able to turn your abode into a true cozy oasis.

Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller is a Sydney-based graphic designer, passionate writer and proud auntie. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. “Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws his own portrait.” Jean - Paul Sartre


  1. OMG! I love this design. It feels like you’re in the fuzzy blanket near the fireplace watching Netlfix with the significant one and drinking hot chocolate while there’s rain outside “knocking” to the windows. I think I need to do some changes to my living room after this article. It inspired me a lot! Thank you, Lilly!



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