How To Replace The Home Button On An iPhone 6

Has your home button on your old iPhone 6 stopped working? Did you know that you can repair this problem at home for less than $10? This is a really easy repair to carry out yourself and you should be able to do it in 10-15 minutes. Get your old iPhone 6 working again to use yourself or to sell for some extra cash.

The guide below will take you through the process of replacing your home button assembly step by step. Some suggested purchase links for replacement parts and tools are provided below.

While this repair restores the home button functionality, the touch ID sensor is paired to your iPhone’s logic board so you will lose the touch ID functionality. At this stage only Apple can replace the home button and retain the touch ID functionality.

If you’ve got any other problems with your old iPhone or you’ve got a different model, have a look at these other iPhone repair guides.

What You’ll Need To Replace Your iPhone 6 Home Button Assembly

  • Your Damaged iPhone 6
  • Home Button Assembly Black – Buy Here
  • Home Button Assembly Gold/White – Buy Here
  • Home Button Assembly With Tools Gold/White – Buy Here
  • Home Button Assembly Silver/White – Buy Here
  • Premium Tool Kit Only – Buy Here
  • Cheap Tool Kit Only – Buy Here

How To Replace Your iPhone 6 Home Button Assembly

Find yourself a nice flat and well lit area to work on. You’ll need an area to lay down the screws you have removed. I like to keep a small sheet of paper nearby and lay the screws I’ve removed down on the paper and mark off where they were removed from. There are a number of different sized screws in your iPhone and it’s important that you put them back in the correct places.

The two most important parts of this repair are to keep your screws really well organised so that you know exactly which one came out of where and to be careful when working with the ribbon cables, especially when opening up your phone, they are extremely fragile.

If you enjoyed this guide, have a look at these other iPhone repairs you can do yourself. Most iPhone repairs can be done at home for a few dollars, so don’t replace your iPhone until you’ve had a look at whether you can repair it at home first.

Good luck with your repairs and let me know how it went in the comments section below.

Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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