Improve Your Workshop With These 5 Projects

A tidy and well kitted out workshop is the key to successful DIY projects. Here are 5 clever projects you can start making to improve your workshop, ensure your equipment is easily accessible and make the most of the space available to you to work with.

lumber cutoff bin

Almost every DIY project you tackle will result in a few odd left over pieces of wood, dowels, piping, conduit etc. A mobile cutoff rack or bin is perfect to keep them all in an organised and easy to access place for when those smaller projects come along.

cordless drill storage shelf

A cordless drill shelf gives you a place to hang your drills and charge the batteries while they are not in use, keeping your counters and cupboard space free for other tools and materials. If you don’t have any wall space available then consider installing the rack into the door of a large cupboard.

power cord caddie

Power and extension cords always land up in a tangled mess on a shelf and it becomes a mission to use any of them. Make sure your cords are always ready and available for use with this power cord caddie.

workshop storage

If you are constrained to a small workshop, then maximising the available space is important to allow you to take on big projects. Work areas and cupboards quickly get cluttered with items that are hardly ever used. Make these convenient swing down storage boxes to make the most of your ceiling space and free up work surfaces and cupboards.

magnet strips

Magnet strips provide an easy storage location for drill and screw driver bits. Attach magnet strips underneath your cupboards or a shelf to hanging mason jars by their lid. These can then be used to store nails, screws, wall plugs and any other loose bits and pieces you have lying around which may come in handy.

Michael Klements
Michael Klements
Hi, my name is Michael and I started this blog in 2016 to share my DIY journey with you. I love tinkering with electronics, making, fixing, and building - I'm always looking for new projects and exciting DIY ideas. If you do too, grab a cup of coffee and settle in, I'm happy to have you here.


  1. I want to make the power cord caddie, but the one page for it is not readable and there must be another page. Can you tell me where to look for the complete “Shopnote” it came from?


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