Let’s have a look at how to tell if your iPhone X, iPhone XS or iPhone 11 has been water damaged by looking at the water damage indicator sticker hidden inside the SIM card tray. We’ll also have a closer look at this sticker by opening up the phone to see where it is and how it works.

This water damage indicator is what Apple uses to tell if your phone may have been damaged by water, even if it is dried out again. Once the indicator has been turned red, it remains that way. So opening up the tray and allowing your iPhone to dry out again won’t turn the indicator white again and won’t prevent your phone from being declined for repair due to water damage.

Here’s what the indicator looks like inside the sim card tray. The water damage indicator or liquid damage indicator (LDI) is initially white and will turn red if it comes into contact with water, indicating that the phone may be water damaged. You may need to shine a light or torch into the tray in order to see the indicator, it is not immediately visible when you look into the phone.

iPhone X iPhone XS iPhone 11 Water Damage Indicator LDI

Unfortunately, even with water resistant ratings on iPhones, Apple won’t repair or replace any water damaged phones as this is not covered by their warranty. This is because Apple has no way of knowing if the phone was misused when the damage occurred. They don’t know how deep the iPhone was submerged or for how long. The water resistance on iPhones is intended as an additional measure to protect your iPhone from damage due to rain, air moisture or an accidental drop into a pool or puddle etc. and is not designed for you to take your iPhone swimming or diving for extended periods of time.

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