Make Your Own Chalk Paint – Cheap & Easy Recipe

Chalk paint is great for those furniture update projects, it requires very little prep work and does a great job masking imperfections and dark paint colours. The only real downfall is the cost, especially when you’re looking at painting a large cabinet or book case. Fortunately you can now make your own chalk paint which looks identical to the store bought ones and costs only a fraction more than ordinary paint.

Once you’ve made your own chalk paint, you’ll need something to paint! Here’s a guide to giving some old chairs a makeover, or you could try your hand at flipping other items of furniture.

What You’ll Need To Make Your Own Chalk Paint

  • 3 Parts Latex Paint – Buy Here
  • 1 Part Plaster of Paris Mix – Buy Here
  • Water
  • An Empty Tin or Mixing Container
  • Paint Stirrer / Electric Mixer – Buy Here

How To Make The Chalk Paint

To make the chalk paint, you first need to mix up the Plaster of Paris and water. Stir the Plaster of Paris well using the paint stirrer or electric mixer until it is smooth and doesn’t have any lumps.

Now add the paint to the Plaster of Paris mix in the ratio of three parts paint to one part Plaster of Paris. Stir the mixture again with the stirrer or mixer until the paint is well blended and the colour is consistent throughout. If the mixture comes out too thick then add a bit more water and if it comes out too thin then add a bit extra Plaster of Paris.

The paint should get a chalky consistency but if it is mixed in the correct ratio, the colour won’t change. You can lighten the original colour a little by mixing in additional Plaster of Paris up to about a 1:2 ratio but don’t exceed this or the paint quality and finish will deteriorate.

Your paint is now ready to use. The beauty of chalk paint is that you don’t need to do any prep work, just wipe the furniture down and make sure that there are no greasy or dirty areas and you’re ready to start painting.

For a distressed look, use a fine (180 grit or above) sandpaper to gently remove some of the paint around the edges and corners once it has dried fully.

repurpose old furniture
Old French Furniture by French Finds

Use your homemade chalk paint to repaint that old dresser, odd chair or side table that doesn’t quite fit in. You could even start flipping thrift store furniture to make a bit of extra money on the side.

Have you tried making your own chalk paint? Let us know your recipe and painting tips in the comments section below.

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Make your own chalk paint, cheap and easy recipe

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