Homemade cleaning products are definitely a new trend, you can control exactly what goes into them and so you can rest assured that you’re not covering your home in toxic chemicals. Cleaning wipes are no exception, they are extremely handy to keep around the kitchen and bathrooms and their handy all-in-one tub is easy to slot into a gap in the cupboard or on the window sill. So here’s a guide to make your own natural cleaning wipes, you have total control over what goes into them and you can pick and blend the fragrance.

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What You Will Need To Make Your Own Cleaning Wipes

  • Storage Jar (One With A Lid That Seals)
  • A Roll Of Paper Towel
  • 2 1/2 Cups of Water
  • 12 Drops of Essential Oil (Tea Tree Used Here)
  • 1/2 Cup of All Purpose Cleaner

How To Make The Cleaning Wipes

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In a jug, measure out the 2 1/2 cups of water and then 1/2 cup of all purpose cleaner to it. Give the mixture a stir until the cleaner has dissolved into the water.

Add the 12 drops of essential oil to the cleaning liquid, you can use a single oil or combine essential oils as you like. We have chosen tea tree oil because it is a natural disinfectant so it makes a great safe alternative to bleach.

Now comes the slightly messy part, we only need half of the paper towel roll, so grab a large serrated knife, something like a bread knife works well. Cut the roll in half down the middle, don’t worry about tearing the edges a bit, you can pull off any jagged loose ends and the wipes will go into the jar jagged edge down anyway. Keep the other half of the roll aside for your next batch of wipes.

Place your roll into the storage jar, cut edge down and with the cardboard centre still in place. Slowly pour the cleaning liquid onto the roll around the edges and in the middle, try to get the whole roll wet. Allow the roll to soak up all of the liquid and then try pulling the cardboard from the centre. If it doesn’t slide out easily the first time, wait a couple of minutes and try again, it will eventually come free as the roll swells.

Put the lid on your wipes and you’re good to go. Pull the wipes out from the centre where the roll was attached to the cardboard, it should have pulled up a bit when you removed the cardboard.

If your wipes begin to dry out over time, just keep adding a little water, about a half cup at a time and that will restore them to their former cleaning glory.

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Cover & Inserted Image: CleaningWipes by Abi Porter used And Modified under CC BY 2.0

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