Naturally Get Rid of Rats & Mice

Rats and mice in your home are both a nuisance and a health risk. They burrow and build nests which damage furniture and walls, create a mess and produce unpleasant smells. Ridding your home of these rodents can be dangerous if you have children around and you are using toxic poisons and chemicals. Rather use this simple guide to get rid of them naturally without any toxic products.

Keep Your Home Clean

Rats and mice are looking for two things when they enter your home: food and a place to build a nest. If there is an abundance of food lying around, rodents will be encouraged to stay. Keep all of your food stored in proper airtight containers in cupboards or areas which are not easily accessible for rodents. Additionally, keep old cloth, papers, towels and clothing packed away or stored in proper lock tight containers so that they cannot be shredded and used as nest material.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a natural deterrent to rodents. The smell is intense and they will avoid it as far as possible. Peppermint oil is available at most pharmacies and grocery stores and is relatively cheap. Place drops on a ball of cotton wool and leave them around your garbage, food storage areas and any other area which could be used by mice as a source of food or a place to shelter. Replace or re-drop the balls every week or so.

Get a Cat

A household cat can solve a mice problem quite effectively. Cats are natural predators to mice and usually their scent and presence alone is enough to deter mice.

Move your Trash Cans

Mice can smell garbage and the smell of your trash can may attract them to your home. Move your trash cans away from your home as far as possible and mice will be less inclined to take up residence.

Get an Owl Box

Owls are also natural predators, encourage owls to move into your garden with an owl box. Owls provide a long term solution and will not be able to get rid an infestation as they only eat two or three times a week.

Do you have any tips and tricks for getting rid of rodents in the house naturally? Please share them with us in the comments section below.

Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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