Top Backyard Hashtag Trends This Summer: Instagram Upgrades for Your Outdoors

Having a backyard is a fantastic perk, and it is no wonder that people like to brag about it on social media and beyond. Whether you like taking pictures where your backyard is the primary object of interest or you want it to be a background for portraits, you probably want them to be seen and appreciated by other people. You know what helps your photos be seen? That’s right: hashtags. And behind every hashtag, there is a backyard trend that will make your outdoor space look even more astonishing. Here are the hottest current trends to watch this summer.


Backyard lighting is vital if you want to use your backyard after the sun is down. While you have a wide range of backyard lighting options, including lanterns, candles, solar lamps, and chandeliers, there is nothing more romantic and whimsical than illuminating your patio with bistro lights. Besides giving the exterior an unparalleled charm, string lights also serve as a great portrait (selfie) backdrop, because they can produce excellent Bokeh effect.


fire instagram hashtag

Fire is a great backyard hashtag that can get you seen over time. It is mostly manifested through fireplaces and fire pits. Fire pits are especially popular because they are easy to make or affordable to buy. They can serve as centerpieces of the seating area or a “wow” factor incorporated into the pool. You can build it in or above ground, use concrete, iron, or bricks, etc.


Even though 2018 was marked as the year when we leave the DIY behind and move on to craftsmanship and artisan pieces, this trend still hasn’t reached our backyards. Pallet backyard furniture is still all the rage, regardless of whether we are talking about benches, sectionals, club tables, dining tables, lounges, shelves or stools.


shade instagram hashtag

A backyard without proper shade is impossible to use, especially during hot summer days. However, that doesn’t mean pergolas and other solutions are there only because of their function. The offer of custom Shade Sails Online is extensive, and they can fit into every outdoor space. Besides sheltering you from the sun when taking selfies (good lighting is the key for a perfect selfie), these installations also make great landscape photo stars, if you catch them at the right angle.


Nothing beats having your own pool in the backyard. While this is hardly a new trend, it is essential to stress that it is not going anywhere. In fact, it is being updated more and more with creative ideas such as a hot tub, waterfalls, fountains, lighting solutions, plants, and an inviting poolside.


flamingo float instagram hashtag

Another pool accessory that has taken the world (especially Instagram) by storm comes in the form of an extravagant inflatable toy – a pink flamingo float. Celebs like Taylor Swift have shown us how to strike a pose on floats, and you can rock this trend too. Besides flamingos, there are more elegant floats, such as giant swans, or downright silly ones, like a pizza slice or watermelon.


This plant is in demand these days, especially in urban gardens, because it grows slowly, and it can be kept in a container for several years. As an interesting combination of green, pink, and red, Japanese maple can bring in liveliness into every garden.


It is a common idea that outdoor dining spaces should be located just off the house. While it is convenient to have them near the kitchen, it also doesn’t allow you to immerse yourself in the magic of the garden fully. Alfresco allows a luxurious experience which includes special furniture, lighting, and flooring. It is tailored for a group photo with your friends.


greengarden instagram hashtag

Green is always in, and particularly when it comes to gardens. It is nature’s most beloved color easily evoked through the lush lawn, bushes, shrubs, ferns, creeper plants, trees, herbs, and flowers. All of these elements together make an ideal canvas for out-of-this-world Instagram photos.


An outdoor space your pets love has multiple benefits. It makes them happier and more playful. It gives you the chance to take a pic of them playing in their intimate surrounding. If your pets are happy, you are happy. A pet-friendly garden is accomplished with a good fence for safety, fresh water, pet-friendly plants, running tracks, shelter, and playing area.

These were the top ten Instagram hashtag trends that can guide your way through backyard upgrading. The result will be a gorgeous outdoor space and stunning photo sessions.

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Faith McGregor
Faith McGregor
Faith is a writer, seeking beauty everywhere she goes and finding it in art, nature, family, and home. Passionate about just living life to the fullest, she’s into home decor and healthy lifestyle, trying to be the best version of herself and make her surroundings match.


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