10 Amazing DIY Floor Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Renewing or updating your floors can make a huge difference to your decor and home’s value. Flooring is typically quite expensive so it if often put off for major renovations but here are 10 amazing DIY floor ideas which can be done as a holiday or weekend project and it doesn’t cost a fortune to buy the materials. So try one of these projects in a room or throughout your house to refresh your personal space.

Stencil & Paint The Floor

This amazingly detailed floor by Young House Love is just a ply wood floor which has been stenciled and painted. They simply pulled up the carpet and painted it.

stenciled floor completed
Young House Love

Simple Painted Flooring

If you’ve got an existing wooden floor which just looks a little worn out, try painting it in a vibrant colour to bring it new life for less than $50. Have a look at the tutorial by Effortless Style.

simple painted floor
Effortless Style

Different Colour Plank Flooring

Instead of painting the whole floor in a single colour, Design Sponge decided to mix things up and paint them in different shades, making the end result more interesting.

different colour plank flooring
Design Sponge

Pine Plank Flooring

These DIY wood floors by Shabby Greek Cottage are made using 1×8 pine planks which were then stained to the right colour for an inexpensive finish which can be done room by room.

flooring using pine planks
Shabby Greek Cottage

Plywood Plank Flooring

This wooden floor by Little Green Notebook was made using plywood which was then cut into planks for a more hardy surface.

plywood plank floor
Little Green Notebook

End Grain Block Flooring

This type of flooring project by Design Sponge uses blocks of lumber which have been sliced through the grain which leaves an interesting texture.

end grain block flooring
Design Sponge

Geometric Wooden Flooring

Vintage Revivals decided to take us back to a time when geometric wooden floors were the in thing and we love the results. While this is probably more suited for a smaller room or bathroom, there is a bit of charm to the work that goes into it.

geometric wooden floor
Vintage Revivals

Pebble Bathroom Flooring

Pebble floors are typically used in a shower but there’s no reason they can’t be used for a whole bathroom. Something for Nothing made this pebble floor from scratch and it looks amazing.

pebble bathroom floor
Something For Nothing

Black Rubber Matte Tiles

Black rubber tiles are usually used as a flooring choice for a workshop, garage or gym but Door Sixteen used them in a bathroom and the results are great. Using a dark colour on the floor makes the whole room feel a bit more grounded.

black matte floor tiles
Door Sixteen

One More Stenciled Floor

This stenciled floor by Lovely Etc has a nice finish around the edges and really highlights the fact that you don’t need to spend much to get an amazing result. The plywood underneath your current floor is the perfect canvas for a stenciling.

stenciled floor second version
Lovely Etc

If making your own flooring sounds like too much work, you could also buy laminate flooring and install it yourself, the actual material is not that expensive and its really easy to do.

Have you done your own flooring in a room or throughout your home? What did you do and how did it turn out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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