12 Ideas To Use Ordinary Things In Extraordinary Ways

Every now and again your find an extraordinary use for a ordinary household object. To some people these out of the box ideas come naturally, to others, we have to read lists like these. Here are some of our favorite ways to use common household items in totally different ways.

Aluminium foil makes a fantastic cover for your door hardware when painting and makes a great scrubbing pad for cleaning glassware.

Aluminium foil as a paint shield or to scrub glassware
© lifehack

Got a wet towel or clothes from your vacation which you need to pack without your whole bag becoming smelly. Wrap a bar of soap up in the towel to prevent the unpleasant smell.

A bar of soap stops bad smells in your bag
© lifehack

Use an old egg carton to keep your Christmas decorations safe during the year when you’re not using them.

An egg carton to keep your christmas ornaments
© thegreenbacksgal

Use a file holder to store your cans in the pantry to save shelf space.

Store cans with a file divider
© Tracey MacKenzie

Open a tight jar by wedging a spoon under the lid to pull the lid away from the glass a little.

A spoon to open a tight jar
© nevsedoma

Cut the top off of your frozen veggies in a straight line, now you have a useful little tie to keep the rest of the bag sealed until its finished.

Tie up bags of frozen veggies using the cut strip
© takprosto

Stick a magnet up in the bathroom under a mirror or in a cabinet to keep all of your hair pins, tweezers, nail files – pretty much anything metallic.

Use a magnet strip to keep your pins, tweezers etc in place
© weburbanist

Stick a couple of towel hooks onto the wall in your kitchen, bedroom or study to make a neat tablet holder. Now you can watch series or movies while you do your chores.

Use towel hooks to make an tablet stand
© wowamazing

Give yourself a french manicure easily with a rubber band instead of tape or stickers.

A rubber band as a french manicure template
© paperraindrops

Remove small stains from suede shoes by using a nail file to buff it out.

Use a nail file to buff stains from suede shoes
© Kathleen Kamphausen

Stick a paper clip onto the end of a roll of tape to help you easily find the end.

A paper clip helps you find the end of the tape
© barnorama

Use the shower cap from a hotel room to pack your shoes if they have become dirty or muddy.

Use a shower cap as a shoe cover
© worldinsidepictures

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Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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