16 Hidden Features of Google You May Not Know

Google is everyone’s go to page for finding something on the internet but did you know that there are a number of built in features to help you with everyday life? Become a master of Google with these useful and some not so useful but more fun tips and tricks for searches you may not know about.

Set A Timer

Easily get a count down timer or stopwatch by typing in set a timer and the time.


Find The Distance Between Cities

Type in distance between and the names of the two cities, it will display the distance and give you the estimated travel time.


Voice Search

Click on the microphone icon next to the search bar and Google will allow you to do a voice search. It will also come up with some witty comments if you ask it anything unusual.


Do Basic Geometry Problems

It can help you, or help you to help your child with their geometry homework. Type in solve circle or triangle or rectangle to bring up a calculator with the equations and a diagram.


Plot Functions

The sames goes for graphs and functions, type in graph for and the equation to bring up a plot of the equation.


Currency Conversions

Get easy currency conversions at the current rate by typing in the amount followed by the three letter symbol for each currency. It will also recognise the more common currencies written out in full.


Tip Calculator

Do you struggle with calculating tips? It has built a tip calculator which allows you to put in your bill amount, the tip percentage and it will even allow you to split the bill and tip between a number of people.


Normal Calculator

Need to do a calculation in a hurry? Type calculator in for a mini calculator which does trig functions and logarithmic and exponential functions.


Don’t Miss The Holidays

Don’t miss any holidays again, Google has the dates for all of them. Type in Easter or Thanksgiving and it will give you the date.


Find Artist, Actor or Author

Use itto find you more movies by a particular actor, songs by an artist or books by an author, simply type in songs by, books by or movies by and the persons name to bring up a full list.


Atari Breakout

Type in Atari breakout for Google’s version of this old game.


Zerg Rush

Type in zerg rush and you will be greeted with a search page which gets eaten by O’s. Clicking on each O three times destroys them.


Tilt The Results Page

Search for tilt or askew to bring up a tilted search page.


Do A Barrel Roll

Search for do a barrel roll and the page will spin around once.


The Answer To Life

Get the answer to life, the universe and everything as made popular by the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.


Retro Google

Searching for Google in 1998 will bring up a retro version of Google as it was in 1998.


Do you know of any more hidden features, tips or tricks for Google searches? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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