I’ve put together a list of 35 interesting things to ask Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant available on their line of Echo products. These include some commands native to the Echo, a few skills (Echo apps) and some smart home products I’ve found useful and listed below.

This video was made using the Echo Dot 2nd Generation but all of these commands will work on Amazon’s full line of Echo products.

Here are the links to the products used in the video as well as Amazon’s currently available Echo products:

Get the Echo here:

The lighting is controlled by Philips Hue. You can buy the components individually or in package sets. The starter set I’ve listed here is the best value for money to get started with the Philip Hue products – Philips Hue Starter Set. There are also some cheaper alternatives available such as the Philips Hue White which has the same smart home functionality but without the different light colour options.

The TV and media devices are controlled by the RM Mini 3 Universal Remote. This is a small USB powered black  cylinder which can be positioned anywhere in sight of the TV and media devices and can be programmed as a universal remote to control the devices through your Echo as well as your phone.

If you live outside of the US and you’ve been considering getting an Echo device, have a look at our experience Using An Amazon Echo or Echo Dot Outside The US.

Let me know some of the useful things you’ve asked Alexa in the comments section below.

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