5 Christmas Tree Trends For The 2016 Season

Freshen up you Christmas tree’s look this season with one of these popular and inspiring trends for 2016.

Warm Metals

Copper and rose gold are the new trendy metals to look for in your Christmas decor. Pack the silver away and add some colour to your tree with copper and rose gold coloured balls, stars and other ornaments. These two metals go well with other decorations in pastel pink, pale yellow and champagne. Complete the look with a set of flashing white LED lights.

A White Christmas

White is back and white decor pops up against the dark green needles of a fresh fir tree. A white pallet is perfect for those homemade paper decorations and fluffy white pom-poms. Finish it off with warm white lights and a hint of gold tinsel.

Natural & Fresh Cut

Showcase the natural beauty of pine this year with au naturel decor. Go for pine cones, acorns and birch bark, complete the look with twine and burlap. Give your cones a hint of sparkle with some gold spray paint and light it up with warm white lights.

Retro & Colourful

Go back to your youth with a colourful and fun tree. Pick up old brightly coloured ornaments at your local thrift store or online. You’re looking for bold colours such a red, green, teal and pink. Fill in the gaps with brightly coloured tinsel and light up the tree with a string of multicolored flashing lights.

Go Minimalist

Minimalist is still trendy, pick a single colour and stick to it. A simply decorated tree with a single highlighted colour in a small range of ornaments can still make a statement. Choose similar shapes in a range of textures (think glossy and glittered etc) and complete the look with a single string of tiny white lights.

Christmas Tree by Russel Smith & Tom Ipri
Cover Image: ChristmasTree by Vasile Cotovanu. All Images in this post are used under CC BY 2.0.
Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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