How To Get A Red Wine Stain Off The Carpet

Have you ever struggled to remove red wine, coffee or tomato sauce from your carpet after a spill? Doing the right thing as soon as possible makes all the difference and most spills can be restored completely by following these steps.

What You Will Need To Get Wine Off Your Carpets

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Clean Cloth for Dabbing
  • Carpet Cleaner / Dish Soap & Warm Water
  • Clean Cloth for Wetting
  • Clean Water

Suck Up The Red Wine

Start off by removing as much of the liquid as possible, place the end of the vacuum hose with no attachments over the stained area and leave it in place for a few seconds before moving onto the next small patch. Don’t rub the hose on the carpet, pick it up and spot vacuum as many times are required to pick up as much of the liquid as you can. Remember to put your vacuum cleaner into wet mode and remove the paper filter before you start.

Pour On A Carpet Cleaner

Use a store bought carpet cleaner, mix some up (usually with warm water) and apply the foam generously to the stained area. If you don’t have carpet cleaner then mix up some dish soap and warm water, pour a little into spray bottle and spray it onto the area. Let the cleaning product soak into the fibers for a few minutes.

Blot Up The Cleaner

Start with a clean white cloth or towel and blot up the carpet cleaner starting at the outside of the stain and working your way towards the centre.  Fold the towel over as you go so that you are always blotting with a clean section. Do not scrub or stamp on the towel when blotting, do it gently with your hands. If there is still excess cleaner when you are done blotting then use the vacuum again to suck it up.

Rinse Off The Cleaner

Finally, you need to rinse off any excess cleaner which may be left behind. Use a bowl of clean water and a cloth or brush to gently apply clean water to the stained area. Vacuum up the water and repeat until there is no more cleaner residue left behind, usually two to three repetitions. Once the area is clean then leave it to dry off completely before walking over the area again.

When your carpet is dry again, you’ll want it to smell good, try our homemade carpet deodoriser to give your carpet new life and make your home smell great. If you have a stubborn mark or cigarette burn which just won’t come out, try our guide for repairing a cigarette burn in a carpet.

Do you have any tips and tricks for removing stubborn stains from your carpets? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Cover Image: RedWineWhiteCarpet by Elizabeth Murphy used under CC BY 2.0.
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