5 Fun DIY Projects For The Holidays

The holidays are around the corner and we thought that this would be a great time to give you 5 fun and easy DIY projects for you to do this holiday season, some of them even make great gifts.

This article by Drill Service lists 5 unique DIY tasks you can easily recreate yourself and the list of tools needed to master each one.

Pallet Shelves

Recycling pallets has become increasingly popular in DIY over the past few years, as it is not only an affordable way of creating cool things for your home or garden, but they are also extremely versatile, meaning you can make almost anything out of one. One of the simpler DIY tasks you can undertake using pallets, is to create shelving, which looks beautiful painted in your choice of colour and can be used to store plants or flowers.  Why not be extra creative and make a wine rack style shelf? The opportunities are endless!

If you love pallets, try making these super cool mini pallet coasters.

Tools Needed:

  • Paint and brush
  • Two pallets that are more than 3ft in length each
  • A measuring tape
  • A ruler
  • A wood saw
  • Files and sandpaper
  • Drill driver
  • 3mm drill bit and counter sink tool
  • 4mm wood screws

A Christmas Wreath

With Christmas fast approaching, what better way to get in to the festive spirit than by making your very own Christmas wreath? You can be really creative with this task and tweak the wreath to suit your own taste or to fit your personally preferred colour scheme. You can use faux flowers, pine cones, glitter and fabric as well as countless other decorative items.  To make this task a little easier, you’re best off buying a foam wreath ring online or alternatively you can make your own using wire. The foam wreath will save you time and means you can simply pin and glue fabric and greenery to it.

Christmas Wreath

Tools Needed:

  • Floral pins
  • Foam wreath ring – Buy Here
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fabric
  • Faux flowers and greenery
  • Scissors
  • Wire trimmers

Personalized Scrabble Picture

A personalized scrabble picture is a super easy and affordable way to create the perfect gift for a loved one, or to simply hang in your own home. You can either create an inspiring quote using the scrabble pieces, or make note of a significant date and then decorate it as you wish. For a rustic effect, stick to a wooden frame and wooden scrabble letters, this will fit perfectly into any vintage themed décor. Personalized Scrabble Pictures are almost effortless to make and the results are incredibly effective.

Tools Needed:

  • Large wooden or plastic scrabble letters – Buy Here
  • A photo frame
  • A blank canvas
  • A glue gun or strong craft glue
  • Decorative embellishments

A Suitcase Dog Bed

Why settle for a standard dog bed when you can create a unique and stylish suitcase one instead? This quick and easy DIY task allows you to recycle an old, unwanted suitcase and use cushions and patterns of your choice to upscale it into a comfortable and quirky bed for your furry friend.  A vintage suitcase works really well for this, as it not only looks expensive but it also looks of a higher quality. To learn how to make a suitcase dog bed click here.

Suitcase Dog Bed

Tools Needed:

  • Hard shell miniature suitcase – Buy Here
  • Hammer and drill ribbon
  • 4 wooden ‘feet’
  • Heavy duty glue
  • Pillow
  • Pillow cover

 Sharpie Mug

Looking for a cool way to create your own personalized gift that doesn’t cost a fortune? A sharpie mug is a quick and easy way to draw your own design or write a message onto a plain white mug, and then simply pop it in the oven for 30 minutes so that the writing doesn’t smudge or come off; genius! Get creative as you like with this task using coloured sharpies or stick to just black for a simple, sleek look.

Tools Needed:

  • An oil-based paint permanent marker – Buy Here
  • A plain white mug

Have you tried out any of these fun DIY projects? Let us know in the comments sections below, we would love to hear your tips, tricks and ideas.

Drill Service
Drill Service
With over 50 years of experience, Drill Service are a privately owned limited company that specialize in the sale of a wide variety of cutting tools with their particular area of expertise being reamers. They also have a great deal of knowledge of DIY tasks and the tools needed to undertake them correctly and effectively.


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