5 Ways To Use Exposed Brick As An Effective Feature

Exposed brick is rapidly becoming a popular home and business design trend and it’s easy to see why. In the right quantity and setting, it looks fantastic and it requires little to no maintenance. Fortunately, you don’t have to renovate a 19th century home or apartment to get the look either, there are loads of modern panels, veneers and even stick-ons which can be used to create the perfect feature wall.

Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate exposed brick into your next home renovation project.

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Create A Small Statement Wall

A statement wall in a hallway or room is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to incorporate exposed brick into your home. The colours in the brick generally bring enough colour into a room to work well with whites, greys and beiges.

Bedroom Statement Wall
Source: The Spruce

Bright green indoor plants also work well with the earthly feel that exposed brick brings.

Statement Wall In Living Room
Source: The Nord Room

Rustic hanging pendant lights and planters add an element of depth to the room and compliment the horizontal lines in the brick wall.

Statement Wall In Living Room 2
Source: Rock My Style

DIY wall hangings are a great way to decorate a feature wall on a budget.

Exposed Brick Floor

An exposed brick floor is perfect for a homestead or cottage, although you’ll need to go with real brick for this one.

Exposed Brick Floor Of Cottage
Source: Edward Deegan Architects

It’s also a durable and easy to keep clean flooring option for your home’s entrance.

Exposed Brick Hall Entrance
Source: Hammers n Hugs

Kitchen Splashback

A splashback which doubles up as a feature wall in your kitchen is easy to keep clean and compliments your neutral countertops. Make sure that you get it properly sealed so that it’s easy to clean any cooking splashes and spills.

Exposed Brick Splashback
Source: Herlong Architects

This splashback is not even real brick, or a veneer, it’s an easy to install and clean printout and it still looks great.

Printed Kitchen Splashback
Source: Opticolour

Showcasing Shelves

Installing shelves over an exposed brick feature wall is perfect for a home office.

Shelving On A Brick Feature Wall
Source: Life On Virginia Street

Or to display your favourite wines in your home’s minibar or kitchen.

Home Wines Shelves Exposed Brick
Source: The Green Spring Home

Line An Archway

If you’ve already got an archway built into your home as a room or hallway divider, adding some brick veneers in the correct places make for an amazing feature.

Exposed Brick Archway Over Kitchen
Source: The Cottage Market

A smaller archway in a hallway or to replace a door is a cheaper alternative, but equally effective.

Exposed Brick Archway
Source: Evolution of Style

Have you used an exposed brick wall as a feature or incorporated one into your home decor? Let us know in the comments section below.

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