Hook and look strips, tape and dots can be used to hold almost anything in place and are extremely useful when you need a re-usable “sticky” surface. Here are six places in which they can be put to work in order to simplify your day to day activities.

Hang Up The Remotes

velcro hook and loop dots

Velcro by Scott Lewis

Attach some stick on dots or strips to the back of your TV and satellite remotes and stick the other to the edge, side or underside of your coffee table, couch or cabinet. You now have a useful storage space for your remotes which can be hidden out of the way and you won’t be cluttering up a shelf or drawer.

Children’s Art Wall

Stick some strips in a funky colour onto one of the walls of your children’s room or play room. Now when your child brings home a piece of art, stick a small piece of the corresponding tape onto the back of the artwork and this makes it easy to hang up and easy to remove.

Vertical Spice Rack

Run a strip of tape up one of your walls in your kitchen, then stick a dot of the corresponding tape onto each spice container. You can now simply stick all of your spices onto the wall with ease and free up a shelf. You can also stick a strip to the underside of a cupboard or shelf and a dot onto each lid and hang them up underneath the surface.

Hold Up You Plants

velcro hook and loop ties

Velcro by Lenore Edman

Hook and loop ties are nothing new but are extremely useful around the house. With hooks on the one side and loops on the other, they can be wrapped around the stem of the plant and a supporting rod, pole or stake to hold it up. It is easy to adjust as the plant grows and is reusable. For softer plants, place the loop side (softer side) of the tape on the inside to prevent damaging the stem.

Hide Those Cables

Just like with your plants, the loops can be used to tidy up your cables around your TV cabinet and for your computer desk. Wrap a strip around the cables to bundle them together or hold them up and out of the way.

Outdoor Tablecloths

velcro hook and loop strips

Hook&Loop Fasteners by Richard Masoner

Wind and tablecloths don’t do well together. Keep your table cloth in place by sticking some strips onto the table and sewing the corresponding side onto the tablecloth so that the match up when laid out. Next time you have an outdoor event you can relax knowing that the tablecloth will stay where it is.

Do you have any other uses for hook and loop tape which we haven’t mentioned? Let us know where you’ve used it around the house in the comments section below.

Cover Image: Velcro by Hadley Paul Garland. All images in this post are used under CC BY 2.0.

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