7 Simple Steps To Convert A Tub Into an Upscale Walk-In Shower

There are two kinds of bathrooms. There are the ones that impress guests and there are ones that gross out guests. When someone asks you to use your bathroom, are you stricken by a sudden wave of panic that they might notice the bathtub caked with colorful layers of mildew? Have you been wondering for a long time whether it is time to replace that run-down tub with a walk in shower?

If you are like most people, then you also have a couple of concerns. Will the tub fit? How would I even go about installing one? Where would I even start? The good news is that the process is more straightforward than it seems.

In this guide, you will learn 7 steps to transform your cramped bathtub into a beautiful, spacious walk in shower that you can be proud of.

1. Gain More Space by Manipulating the Layout With a Curvier Design

Gain More Space by Manipulating the Layout With a Curvier Design

Every bit of space counts when converting your tub. The feeling of having a spacious shower is not about how big the actual room is but instead about the atmosphere of the room itself. Architects and designers have been using the same secrets for ages to make small rooms feel spacious.

And you will be doing the same.

To start, take advantage of your tub’s sidewall (usually 36″ deep) by employing a curved shower pan with a front bow. This simple first step will augment the feeling of the actual floor space making it look approximately 20% bigger.

2. Ditch the Shower Curb to Redefine Your Showering Space

Ditch the Shower Curb to Redefine Your Showering Space

Most manufacturers build showers with 4″ to 6″ curbs. However, these curbs contribute to the shower’s cramped feeling. To make your bathroom feel more spacious and look more luxurious, get rid of the curb!

Instead, opt in for a tile shower pan with a ramped entrance. To create a rich atmosphere, take it a step further by having the shower and bathroom be on two different levels. Whether you want the shower on a lower level or a higher level is up to you and your style preference.

While this trick may seem simple, it is a staple of modern luxurious bathrooms.

3. Proper Plumbing Makes All the Difference

Proper Plumbing Makes All the Difference

When converting your tub into a walk-in shower, it is a necessity to get aesthetically pleasing and practical plumbing. For starters, upgrade any 1 ½” pipes into broader 2″ pipes for enhanced water flow. An upscale shower is not just about the looks, it is also about the experience so having proper water flow is paramount.

It is also essential to replace your low-quality shower drain with a more sleek, linearly designed one. Nothing is grosser than a shower drain clogged with hair and dirt. Invest in a high quality shower drain that prevents build up and matches your new bathroom’s style.

These small plumbing changes will help your bathroom boast its contemporary design and increases the overall showering experience.

4. Take Advantage of Walls and Floors for Added Comfort

Take Advantage of Walls and Floors for Added Comfort

Add an inexpensive floor heating system so you can shower in a cozy, soothing environment that will leave your muscles relaxed to their core. Attach a small bench to the wall for whenever you want just to sit and let the warm water drizzle on your skin.

This simple upgrade alone will transform showering from a chore into a pleasurable experience. Imagine how amazing it would feel to unwind in such a soothing shower after a long day!

5. Add Wall Storage for a Cleaner Look

Add Wall Storage for a Cleaner Look

You have seen it before: Showers littered with shampoo, soaps and conditioners dangling from tacky wall holders. And you have felt it too. The cluttered environment takes away the magic from your showering experience. Nothing looks and feels worse than a cramped shower. Go the extra mile to free up bathroom space!

The easy, cheap and upscale fix to this is to carve pockets into your walk in’s walls. By being able to store your essentials in the walls, it frees up standing space thus creating a more liberating, relaxing feel.

6. Remove Bathroom Floor Tiles for an Upscale Feel

Remove Bathroom Floor Tiles for an Upscale Feel

A clean bathroom is an impressive one while a dirty one is repelling. The problem with most tile layouts is that they gather molds, fungi, dirt, and hair between each tile. Moreover, keeping a tiled bathroom clean requires an excessive amount of upkeep that most people just do not have the time for.

Get rid of the bathroom floor tiles and instead replace it with PVC wall panels, or solid, sleek, contemporary surface units. For starters, a solid surface will spare you from having to get those deep scrubs that grimy tile surfaces usually require. Most importantly though, it will give your bathroom a clean, modern and upscale feel.

7. Express Your Unique Style with Hand-Picked Shower Glass

Express Your Unique Style with Hand-Picked Shower Glass

There’s a false notion that glass is just glass; it, in fact, comes in many different qualities and is an opportunity for you to add your own custom designs. A glass shower wall completes your walk-in shower and upscale bathroom by giving it an open-air feel. The seemingly open space makes your shower feel bigger than it actually is.

For a personal touch, you can order the glass with custom designs to add that extra bit of luxury. However, to match the modern design, it is important to get sleek or linear designs instead of tacky ones.


Converting your bathtub into a walk-in shower is an exciting project. You will have the opportunity to turn a dirty suffocating space into a clean, spacious, upscale room. Instead of repelling your guests, your designs will impress them. And lastly, your modern bathroom will be more practical, more efficient and your showers will not just be showers, they will be an experience.

Even though the conversion requires much upfront work, if you follow these seven steps, you will have built your own upscale walk in shower in no time.

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