The bathroom may not be your favorite room in your house but it is one of the most important when you’re thinking about selling your home. You can also make your day to day life a lot easier with a well organised bathroom. So boost your DIY skills and give your bathroom an organisation or functionality update this weekend. Here are 10 projects to do so which are easy to do and won’t cost you much money.

Add An LED Strip Light Under Your Cabinet

add led strip lights under your cabinets
From: DIY Network

Instead of a night light, add an LED strip light to the underside of your bathroom cabinets, they’ll prevent stubbed toes and give you just enough light to see where you’re going without waking you up completely.

Mount Mason Jars Above The Sink

mount mason jars above the sink
From: The Apron Blog

If you’ve got accessories and products you want to keep out of the way but still in reach, mason jars are the solution. Mount them onto a piece of wood using some hose clamps for a stylish storage solution. They are also easy to remove for cleaning and you can use the coloured jars to match your colour scheme.

Organise Your Bathroom Cabinet With A Slide Out Drawer

build a slide out cabinet drawer
From: Remodelaholic

It’s much easier to reach the products at the back of your cabinet if you’ve got a slide out drawer. You can customise this project to your needs with multiple drawers and different compartments.

Make A Cork Bath Mat

make a cork bath mat
From: Craftynest

If you’ve got a jar or box of wine corks lying around, turn them into a functional bath mat, the corks are naturally soft and mould resistant.

Keep Your Cords & Accessories Together With PVC Pipes

pvc pipes to keep cords together
From: Unplggd

Cords are one of the most annoying things about storing your gadgets, no matter how well you pack them up, they always seem to get tangled. Keep your cords together by mounting a few PVC pipes on the cabinet door. Now you’ve got place for each accessory and its cord is kept far away from the others.

Build A Storage Unit Behind Your Mirror

build a storage cabinet behind your bathroom mirror
From: Shanty 2 Chic

If you’ve got a full length mirror in your bathroom or bedroom, use the space behind it by building a shallow storage cabinet with the mirror as the door. You may even be able to recess the cabinet into the wall for further space savings.

Create A Stackable Plate Organiser To Keep Your Counter De-cluttered

stackable plate organiser
From: Thoughtfully Styled

While this is not a new idea, its not commonly done in the bathroom, its usually used for serving food. Buy why not save on counter space by using a plate stacker┬áin the bathroom, what’s even better is that you can just put the plates in the dishwasher when they become dirty.

Make A Smart Mirror

This one is for the more techy people, make yourself an Android powered smart mirror to display things like the weather, your calendar and news notifications. Its a mini control centre to glance at while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning.

Add A Second Shower Rod For Additional Storage

add a second shower rod for storage
From: Reddit

This is one of the easier and more useful projects, add another shower tension rod with some hooks and baskets and you’ve instantly got a lot more storage in the shower. You can also use it as a clothes line for drying towels and laundry.

Update Your Bathroom Fixtures

Perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your bathroom look more modern is to update the fixtures such as the faucets or taps and shower head. You’ll be surprised at what a big difference these updates can make to the appearance of your bathroom.

Have you tried any of these projects? What have you done in your own bathroom to update it? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 projects to update your bathroom

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