7 Tips to Reduce Home Allergies

Do you suffer from sneezing, couching, itchy skin or eyes, trouble breathing or rashes? If you have experienced one or more of these symptoms, it could be due to an allergic reaction. Allergies plague a large portion of adults and children and since there is no cure for it, prevention is the key to living happily and healthily. Your home may be harbouring a large number of allergens and allergy triggers, including those you can’t see. So follow this guide, reduce your home allergies and start living a healthier life.

Minimise Clutter

cluttered home

Cluttered desks, shelves, tables and other items of furniture are a breeding ground for insects, rodents and bacteria. Cluttered surfaces are seldom cleaned and gather thick layers of dust. Go on a home de-cluttering spree and get rid of all of the unwanted papers, magazines, book and decor. You’ll soon find that living a minimalist life is cleaner and leaves you feeling healthier.

Wash Linen & Air Your Bed


Be sure to wash your bed linen at least once a month in hot water. Water that is 65C (150F) hot kills bed bugs and dust mites. Don’t forget about washing your curtains, comforters and rugs at least once every six months as well. Another popular tip is to leave your bed unmade with the windows open once a week to allow the sunlight to dry it out completely, killing the dust mites and bacteria. If you cannot open your bed up to the sun, vacuum the mattress regularly with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner.

Go Green With Cleaning

While mopping and dusting go a long way to reducing allergies, consider going green on the products you use for cleaning. Make your own cleaning products with baking soda or buy products which are allergy tested or natural and eco-friendly.

Get An Air Purifier For Allergies

air purifier

If you don’t have a central air purification system, buy a stand alone room air purifier. The best ones are able to remove airborne allergens, kill viruses and bacteria and also capture dangerous VOC’s and other gases. Place one in your bedroom and main living spaces for the best results.

Ditch The Carpets

While carpets are warm and cozy for winter, the are the perfect breeding ground for millions of nasty things and they are difficult to clean. Vacuuming only removes dust and dirt from the surface of the carpet and doesn’t get anywhere near the base layers. Rather install laminate wood flooring, tiles or concrete which can be easily cleaned.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Every household needs a pet, however, a large portion of allergies are cause by our furry friends. Train your pet to sleep in his or her own bed and shampoo or groom them regularly to keep them clean and free from loose hair and dander.

Open the Windows & Doors

open window

Opening the windows (not in allergy season) to allow a breeze to flow through your home removes toxins and dust from your home.

How do you deal with allergies in your home? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments section below.

Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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