Use Old Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Next time your make a pot of coffee, think twice before throwing out the used coffee grounds. They are rich in minerals such as nitrogen and potassium which are critical for plant growth and improve the quality of the soil. Here are some uses for your spent coffee grounds.



Mix your them into your compost bin, they are a naturally high source of nitrogen, which is a natural fertilizer, try making a liquid fertilizer as mentioned below before throwing them into the compost.

Pest Control

Snails, slugs and some insects don’t like the smell or taste of them. Sprinkling a bit of coffee around the stems of plants will help deter pests.


As mentioned with composting, they are a great natural source of nitrogen. Additionally, they increase the acidity of the soil which is beneficial for roses, gardenias, holly etc. You can also make an easy liquid fertilizer by mixing them with water and allowing it to brew overnight to draw out the remaining nutrients. Strain out the coffee grounds and you have a great liquid fertilizer. You can then throw the further spent grounds into the compost pile.

Coffee Grounds As Mulch

Use them as mulch to prevent and control weed growth as well as lock moisture into the soil during the heat of the day. Although you probably won’t be able to mulch your own garden with your spent coffee grounds (unless you drink A LOT of coffee), you could always go down to your local coffee shop and ask for theirs. They have no use for them and will usually be happy to get rid of them.

If you are a avid coffee drinker, why not build a coffee station in your home? Do you have any other uses for your used coffee grounds? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Amazing benefits Of Using Old Coffee Grounds In The Garden

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