Homemade Carpet Deodoriser, Smells Great

Did you know that every home has its own natural odour footprint, the way it naturally smells because of things you keep, furniture you have etc. Everyone wants their home to smell welcoming and inviting to family and friends, pretty much anyone who arrives at the door. Since most homes have a large portion of the floor covered in carpet, a carpet deodoriser seems like the perfect place to start getting your home to smell great.

You can buy shakers with carpet deodoriser at the store but you never know what they contain. They are filled with all sorts of chemicals, preservatives and anit-caking agents and it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to be throwing those all around your home.

So here’s a recipe for a really easy, and cheap, to make DIY carpet deodoriser which will leave your home smelling amazing, you’ll actually be excited to have guests over. What’s even better is you get to pick exactly what fragrance you land up with, so you can try a new one every month.

What You Need For Your Carpet Deodoriser

  • 1 Cup of Baking Soda
  • 2-3ml of Essential Oil (About 40 Drops) See Below For Tips
  • Glass Shaker Bottle
  • Optional – Dried Herbs

How To Make Your Carpet Deodoriser

For your first carpet deodoriser, we would suggest staying away from adding herbs. Try out one or two essential oils and then start to compliment them with dried herbs, you’ll soon learn which combinations work well together. If you do decide to use herbs, then them through a coffee grinder on the finest setting first.

Put the baking soda into the shaker followed by the essential oil and finally the herbs (if required). Put the closed lid on the shaker and shake well until the essential oil is well combined with the baking soda. Leave the shaker overnight so that the oils can fully permeate the baking soda.

When it comes time to use the deodoriser, sprinkle the mixture lightly over your carpet. Allow it to sit for ten to fifteen minutes and then vacuum it up as usual.

Which Oils To Use

Citrus Oils – Use these for a quick burst of frangence. They have a powerful scent but they tend to naturally dissipate faster than other essential oils so are not very long lasting.

Lavendar Oil – Lavender oil works well to repel insects and bugs, as does ground up cinnamon (as a herb addition)

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is a popular choice and has a strong and long lasting fragrance however it is not recommended if you own pets, especially cats and dogs.

Additional Notes

Your jar of carpet deodoriser will keep for up to two months once mixed as long as the lid (not the one with holes) is kept one. Baking soda naturally absorbs moisture in the air and will begin caking after a week or so if it is not sealed.

Although it shouldn’t be a problem, its worthwhile checking with your vacuum cleaner manufacturers to see if baking soda will clog up the filters or damage the machine.

If you’ve been impressed by how well baking soda works for cleaning, have a look at these other uses for baking soda around the house which you may not know about.

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Cover image: Shaker by liz west used and modified under CC BY 2.0
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