Furnish Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Buying your first home is an exciting time for anyone, however, it can also be quite daunting when you realise that you’ve spent all of your money on fees, duties and a deposit when you still have to furnish the place. As a new homeowner, it is all too easy to get caught in the credit trap and buy everything you nee to furnish your home immediately and get left with a huge monthly repayment for months or years to come.

Here’s a guide to buying furniture for you new home on a tight budget. You’ll never have to get yourself into debt and one piece at a time you’ll work towards a fully furnished home which you’ll be proud of.

Split Your Dreams Up & Furnish In Stages

The first and probably most important step to furnishing your first home is to realise that your home is going to take some time to come together. You don’t have to buy everything at once and fill every room up as soon as you move in. Rather that the time to live in your home and plan exactly which rooms will be the most functional with certain furnishings.

Your two most important rooms in a new home are likely the living room or lounge and the master bedroom, you can furnish the bedroom with cream bedroom furniture to make it more attractive. The kitchen usually comes kitted out with the basics so you don’t have to worry about any expensive purchases for the time being. The living rooms needs a sofa/couch, a TV stand and TV and possibly a table or two. The master bedroom needs a bed (rather obviously) and a couple of side tables. These few items should be your main priority in the first few months of moving in.

Accept Offers From Friends & Family

Before you turn down that family member  offering you their old bed, consider using it as a substitute until you have enough money to replace it with one you really want. There’s no trouble being a bit selective but also consider that a sofa can be cheaply recovered to match you colour scheme or a couple of scatter cushions could distract from the damaged fabric.

Old side tables, tables, chairs and dressers can easily be refurbished, painted and accessorized to look like you’ve just bought them from a designer store. Its easier than you think and can save you thousands in the long run.

The Thrift Store & Craigslist Are Your Friend

Make a point of spending a few minutes on Craigslist every evening in the weeks coming up to and the months after you’ve moved in. You can’t believe how many items emerge which fit in with your decorating theme and come in well under budget and don’t discount your local thrift store, there sure to be jems waiting to be found.

The key to shopping at thrift stores and online is patience and consistency. You’re probably not going to find what you’re looking for the firs time you go to the store or online but keep it up and you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re still skeptical about buying things from a thrift store, have a look at our guide on what to buy at the thrift store and what to skip.

Don’t Be Shy, Ask For A Discount

Many stores, mostly those who make their own products, thrift stores and listings on Craigslist will give you a discount if you offer them cash. While it probably won’t be a very big discount, even a few percent here and there add up to big savings when coupled together.

Also look out for coupons and stores offering end of season discounts, Black Friday deals etc. These sales can also save you a fortune on your more expensive items, leaving you more money for the smaller things.

Once your have managed to furnish your first home without breaking the bank, take a look at our guide on decorating your home on a budget as well.

Do you have any tips and tricks to save money furnishing your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Cover Image: Duplex by NNECAPA Photo Library used and modified under CC BY 2.0
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