Have you had problems with the earpiece speaker on your iPhone 6? Is the sound crackling or distorted or does it not work at all? If you’ve had any of these problems then you’ll want to try and replace the earpiece speaker. It’s a relatively easy repair, it should take you around 15-30 mins and the replacement earpiece cost under $10.

The guide below will take you through the process of replacing your iPhone 6 earpiece step by step.

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What You’ll Need To Replace Your iPhone 6 Earpiece

  • Your Damaged iPhone 6
  • Replacement Earpiece – Buy Here
  • iPhone Toolkit – Buy Here
  • Replacement Earpiece With Toolkit – Buy Here

How To Replace The Earpiece

Find yourself a nice flat and well lit area to work on. You’ll need an area to lay down the screws you have removed. I like to keep a small sheet of paper nearby and lay the screws I’ve removed down on the paper and mark off where they were removed from. There are a number of different sized screws on the cover plates and it’s important that you put them back in the correct places.

The two most important parts of this repair are to keep your screws really well organised so that you know exactly which one came out of where and to be careful when working with the ribbon cables, especially when opening up your phone, they are extremely fragile.

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Good luck with your repairs and let me know how it went in the comments section below.

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