iPhone 6 Volume & Mute Button Replacement Guide

Here’s a complete guide to replacing the volume and mute button assembly on an iPhone 6. The repair fixes any problems you may have with the buttons sticking, not clicking or registering at all and problems with the phone not going into mute mode or switching rapidly between mute and normal mode. The repair is quite easy to do however it does take quite long as you need to remove both the screen assembly and the battery in order to get to the volume and mute button assembly. It is well worth it though as the replacement parts can cost as little as $3, far cheaper than taking your phone in for repairs.

Although this repair video is done on an iPhone 6, the process is fairly similar for the 6 plus.

If you’ve shattered or cracked your screen, we also a have a guide to replace your iPhone 6 screen.

What You Need To Replace Your iPhone 6 Volume & Mute Button Assembly

  • iPhone Toolkit – Buy Here
  • iPhone 6 Volume & Mute Button Assembly – Buy Here

The iPhone 6 plus is very similar internally to the iPhone 6 and this guide can be used for both models.

  • iPhone 6 Plus Volume & Mute Button Assembly – Buy Here

How To Replace Your iPhone Volume & Mute Button Assembly

Start out by finding yourself a nice well lit work surface on which to work. You’ll need a bit of space to lay out the components as you remove them and the screws are really small and easy to lose.

Make sure that you keep track of each component and its screws as you take them out, the screws are different lengths and you don’t want to damage components by putting the screws into the wrong places.  It helps to draw a small sketch of the components and place each screw on the sketch as you remove them, this way you’ll always remember which one goes where.

One area which is particularly difficult is getting the battery out of the compartment. It is stuck into place with really strong adhesive tape. Gently heating up the back of the iPhone case with a hair dryer or heater softens the adhesive a bit and makes it easier to remove. Be careful not to damage any of the ribbon cables for the side buttons near the top of the phone when you are prying underneath the battery.

For more information on removing the battery, have a look at our guide to the iPhone 6 battery replacement.

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