How To Turn Your Balcony Into A Useful Space

Urban living has encouraged many people to make use of every inch of space they have in their homes. For city dwellers, balconies are often part of the home ownership or rental package, and most likely, the balcony is only used for a few hours a week, just to view the skyline or hang out for a little bit. But with some DIY skills and a bit of creativity, it isn’t hard to turn a balcony into a precious little space. We’ve got a few ideas on how you can transform your balcony into something really useful for you.

Mini Garden

mini garden

You don’t have to have a wide backyard to put your green thumbs to work. Green-ify your balcony by bringing in potted plants of your choice. It could be purely flower plants or some herbs that you can use for cooking too. The secret to achieving a beautiful balcony garden is to plan out the setup beforehand. You can opt for DIY layered pot stands, hanging planters and a vertical setup on the wall to maximize the space that you have available.

Living Room Extension

living room extension

This idea is especially helpful for those with limited space in their apartments. If you have a small interior area for your living room, you can plan to use the space you have in the balcony to create a larger common area. It can be achieved by having glass doors that can be fully opened to give a feeling that the balcony and the inside space are one. Next, style the balcony in a way that it would mimic the style of the living room. The technique for doing this is using the same palette, fabrics, materials and even finishing touches like small potted plants or candles.

Home Office

home office

Take advantage of your lovely balcony view by turning it into a productive space. This could be done by first laying down some interlocking deck tiles or one of these 10 Amazing DIY Floor Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune if you have a balcony floor that needs to be covered up. Take the minimal approach and style it with only the essentials. Make a simple DIY office desk from a durable wood that can last through weather changes, especially when you have an open balcony. Add an office chair, some light fixtures, few artworks, and voila—you’ve got yourself a beautiful office space with a view.

Reading Nook

reading nook

Creating a reading nook can be as simple as bringing some cushions, pillows and blankets out onto your balcony. But if you’ve got time for a weekend project, you can DIY a couch or a seating area with reclaimed wood or pallets, have a look at our guide on Upcycling Wood Pallets Into Furniture . In case you want to take the project into another level, you can design a simple book case or build shelving in one of the walls that can be used as a display not only for your books, but plants and other decor too.

A Cozy Escape

a cozy escape

A cozy escape can mean a lot of things to different people, but we know that everyone is up to have a place for relaxation where they can put their minds at ease. The balcony may be a limited space, but it is enough to accommodate a place where you would love to hang out and clear your mind for a bit. Some great ideas for this are putting up a bench swing, adding a colorful hammock, and bringing in a huge wicker chair to curl up in. Decorative details could include plants, fluffy rugs, and tons of lights that would look lovely at night.

Transforming your balcony can be a fun project to take on, especially with the various options you have on how to create a useful space. Depending on your needs and skills, you can take the balcony project into a full swing DIY project and take advantage of a usually neglected space to add a fun and cozy place in your home.

If you’re up for more uncomplicated projects to upgrade your home with new cool pieces, check out these simple home DIY ideas that are totally beginner-friendly.


Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson
Robert is a woodworking enthusiast who believes that everyone has the capacity to do something beautiful out of wood and with the use of a few tools. He is passionate about sharing knowledge about different woodworking projects and powertools, particularly the different kinds of saws, which are all reflected in his blog articles.


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