How To Upgrade Your Home’s Entrance & Increase Curb Appeal

Your entrance or front door to your home is the first thing people look at when they walk past, drive past or come to visit your home. Making a statement with your home’s entrance can really increase your home’s curb appeal and set the tone for the rest of your home. A bold and well decorated entrance will leave a lasting impression on your guests and passers by. So lets have a look at some ways you can upgrade your home’s entrance to create the most impact.

Go For A Minimalist Look

One of the first things you’ll notice when you look at home entrances in home decor magazines or online is that their entrances are not cluttered up with furniture, pots, plants or decor. You need to select a few key elements and let these become the only decor items for your home’s entrance, these can be in the form of a few simple planters, a bench, a chandelier or some other larger item or items which are immediately noticeable and are able to stand alone without any clutter around them. Get rid of any additional decor, planters and storage boxes.

Make sure that you main decor items are in good condition and that your door, door frame, walls and floor around your home’s entrance are well painted (if required) and maintained.  A dark door on a lighter wall or a light door on a dark wall work well together.

Get Some Large Planters

Planters around your entrance
Credit: Instagram

Planters have long been a traditional home entrance decor element, often placed on either side of the door. Get two large planters and create a symmetrical entrance with a planter on either side of the door or go with three or four planters of varying heights and shades to create an equally effective asymmetrical entrance.

Try to choose planters which are manufactured out of a coloured cement or concrete mixture so that they’re low maintenance and you don’t have to worry about re-painting them in a year or two’s time.

You don’t need to fill your entire planter with sand or potting soil. Stuff the bottom half of your planter with packaging polystyrene or build a false bottom in your planter. You’ll then use less soil and they’ll be much lighter, allowing you to move them around if you need to clean underneath them or to change up your entrance every so often.

Add Outdoor Lights To Your Pathway To Your Home’s Entrance

Make use of outdoor lighting for your home's entrance
Credit: Homesuka

Lights are always an effective way to create an alluring garden in the evening and at night. Choose a few subtle lights along your pathway to your home’s entrance or along a perimeter wall to gently light up the outside of your home.

Make sure to choose low energy LED lighting so that you don’t spend a fortune on your electrical bill as these lights will be on for long periods in the evenings. A simple timer can also be a useful addition to switch them on and off every evening, or go with a smart lighting system such as the Philips Hue system to automatically turn your lights on and off with timers and location based settings for when you arrive or leave home.

Make Your Own Eye Catching House Number

Make your own house number
Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Your house number is the perfect item to turn into an artwork for your home’s entrance. You can do this through getting a local sign manufacturer to laser cut a stainless steel sign for you or get your hands dirty making your own house number like this original one from A Beautiful Mess.

Consider Some Outdoor Seating For Your Home’s Entrance

Add some outdoor seating
Credit: Vidur

If you’ve got a larger front doorstep or porch, consider putting in a bench or outdoor couch to make your home look more comfortable and inviting. This is only really suitable if you’ve got a larger area which won’t look cluttered.

Choose An Accent Colour

Add an eye catching accent colour to your home's entrance
Credit: Delta Contructions

If you’re a person who likes a bit of colour, go for an accent colour for an immediately eye catching entrance. Choose a bright colour such as red, yellow or green for maximum impact and then use it to paint either a set of planters, or your bench, or your front door – any item or two which is likely to be eye catching in contrast with the neutral background.

Have you got any tips or tricks for upgrading your home’s entrance? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you.

Michael Klements
Michael Klements
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