Practical Ways to Prepare Every Inch of Your Yard for Any Weather

When browsing the internet for some ideas on what you can do with your yard, you may come across various tips on how to make your yard drought-proof, get it ready for winter or find out how to create the perfect fall vibes. However, rarely – if ever – you can find tips on how to make your yard ready to take on any type of weather.

From the plants you choose to plant to the overall layout of your yard, we’ll explore the best ways you can prepare your outdoor area for any weather conditions. Check them out.

Let’s Talk Plants for Any Weather

Let’s Talk Plants for Any Weather

The plants you choose to welcome in your yard make up for a good portion of its aesthetic appeal. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing. Ideally, you should choose various plants that are suited for different weather conditions so that your yard always looks like it’s thriving. Evergreen trees are the perfect choice of trees as they stay vibrant throughout the year. Aside from them, Sedum – and similar perennials – is the perfect choice for a floor-height layer of plants as it blossoms year-round but the flowers actually become more lush and vibrant as the summer fades away. For the mid-tier, choose something like Japanese silver grass, as this is another beautiful four-seasons plant. On the other hand, if you have already planted some plants that don’t tolerate cold weather well, make sure you protect them from freezing with horticultural fleece.

What about other Backyard Features?

What about other backyard features

When choosing materials for your backyard, you need to keep in mind that they will be exposed to every weather condition you have in your area. That’s why you need to be smart about it and choose only the best materials to ensure that you don’t have to replace them too often. For instance, for outdoor faucets, you should always go with frost-proof alternatives to ensure that you can use them even when the temperature drops. Similarly, when choosing pavers for your yard, choose something that’s both functional and visually appealing. As an example, if you decide to go with high-quality permeable paving with Premier Pavers both the practical and the aesthetic aspect will be met. These pavers are an excellent choice, especially for areas that experience a lot of rain or snow, as they allow water to drain naturally, which makes them extremely sustainable as well.

The Landscape

The landscape

In order to ensure that you created the best possible landscape for your yard, in particular, you must first understand the land itself. If you’re not very versed in this field yourself, don’t shy away from asking for some professional help. When talking about “understanding the land” you need to make sure that you know the characteristics of the ground in your yard as well as its position. If, for instance, your yard is sloped, you should try to position the plants that don’t require too much moisture at the top of the slope so that the ones that do can go on the bottom. This way, you will create a landscape that actually makes sense and will enable your yard to become self-sustainable in a way. Similarly, avoid placing seating areas, fire pits and outdoor kitchens – or any other outdoor structure for that matter – at the bottom of the slope.

The Design for Any Weather

The design for any weather

Finally, when designing your yard, make sure that you account for all the weather conditions you have in your area. Sure, you might be designing your yard in spring or summer, but try to come up with a design that will work in fall and winter as well. Simply put, make sure you can enjoy your yard year-round because it otherwise doesn’t make a lot of sense to put so much hard work into something you will only be able to enjoy at a certain time of the year.

So, if you’re looking for ways to make your yard work throughout the year, give some of these ideas a go. With them, you should be able to create a beautiful outdoor environment you will be able to enjoy year-round.

Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller
Lilly Miller is a Sydney-based graphic designer, passionate writer and proud auntie. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. “Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws his own portrait.” Jean - Paul Sartre


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