Top Landscaping Ideas for 2018

Every household should tell a story. Exterior space is just as important as interior in this regard, and gardens are by far the best outlet for creative expression. One can easily experiment with its appearance because the changes are not as lasting compared to the ones you can make on the very structure of your house. New trends always bring some new aesthetic ideas to the table, and checking them out is a good opportunity to light a spark of creativity. With that in mind, if you are in the mood for a garden makeover, here are top landscaping ideas for 2018.

Beach Landscaping

Beach landscaping

Do you ache for a house at the beachfront? Do you feel a tad bitter because you live in the harbor city, yet your lot is far removed from the sandy coastline? Well, you can easily “trick” your eye by opting for the beach landscaping style in your yard. This design choice has become very popular among people who live in continental areas and yet yearn for the “summer beach” feeling. The trick to this landscaping idea is all about rocks – this is why it is one of the most DIY friendly projects. Simply, start off by creating winding paths with gray-white gravel, but make sure the rocks are of similar sizes for the most aesthetically pleasing visual effect. Line your trails with bigger rocks, preferably the ones collected at the beach area. When it comes to plant life, you can go wild with a variety of tropical grass, agaves, Mediterranean shrubbery – essentially, anything that typically grows near the sandy beaches. Don’t pay too much attention to rows and lines when it comes to plant life; the more messy it appears, the more genuine it will look.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Traditional gardens from different corners of the world are always a good source of inspiration, and it appears Japanese ideas are about to blow up once more. It’s hard to deny the soft and graceful allure of such setup. Above all else, there is a sense of organic flow to Japanese gardens that are coupled perfectly with orderly appearance. Waterfalls, charming bridges and streams are the crucial elements that define this design choice, but you don’t have to waste money and clean water to get such appearance. You can fill the streams with sand instead. However, grovel is a better choice if you have a sizeable yard and you live at the location where winds tend to be strong. Pine trees, bamboos, and a variety of mosses are good starting choices when it comes to plant life, as well as the mini-trees, shrubbery, and succulents. Line your garden paths and corners with larger rocks pulled out of streams and faster rivers – the ones with a plate-like shape.

Modern Formalism

Modern formalism

As a stylistic trend, minimalism simply refuses to leave the spotlight due to a very obvious reason. It is one of the most elegant and simple solutions that compliment every space, and especially lend itself perfectly to the idea of making smaller environments feel larger. Therefore, turning your backyard garden into a formal oasis with clear outlines and a simple approach to design is always a good choice. However, opting for this style will definitely require some help from experienced landscaping professionals because it is much more sophisticated than it initially appears. In design, there is a saying: the simpler something truly elegant appears, the more effort went into it. Such design choice will definitely pay off in the long run as your garden will always look modern.

Open Air Rooms

Open air rooms

We have discussed types of garden landscaping, but what about the complimentary spaces like decks and porches? Well, in 2018, it’s all about going large, and open air rooms are the best way to truly indulge in your impeccable garden while still enjoying the comfort usually reserved for interior. In fact, you can create an open air living room in your backyard and take out the comfy couch, pillows, and coffee tables. It can be the largest room of your home.

Landscaping is a good outlet to test your creative limits and draw out the true you when it comes to aesthetics. Following contemporary trends, as well as looking backwards, can prove to be very helpful when it comes to defining your own idiosyncratic idea of a garden. This organic approach to landscaping is viable as long as you do not do it too often. Whenever you do something new and daring, wait a few years, and you’ll have enough overgrown material to serve as the new blank canvass.

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