Should You Consider Wooden Window And Door Frames?

There are a number of different opinions on which material is best suited for window frames and people are often quick to discard wooden frames as an option due to their perceived high price and high maintenance. We’ve done some investigating, and it turns out that wooden window and door frames are actually a great choice, often marred by myths and misconceptions.

Here are some of the things we’ve found…

Wooden Window and Door Frames Are Not High Maintenance

This is perhaps the biggest misconception when it comes to wood / timber window frames and it seems to be a problem of the past. In the past, there were a limited number of wood treatment options available and they were not the greatest quality products. As a result, people were left having to sand down their window and door frames annually in order to re-apply varnish or other wood treatments, which can be costly, time consuming and messy.

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since then. Modern wood treatments are often water based and are a lot easier to re-apply and dry quickly. An annual wash down with soapy water and re-application of sealant, simply by wiping it on with a cloth or sponge, is all that is needed.

Although we prefer the natural wood textures and finishes, you can also easily paint wooden window and door frames to suite your home’s decor theme.

Whats even better is that modern water based sealants often pack a number of other useful benefits as well, such as improved UV resistance, fungus resistance and durability as well as being non-flammable, water resistant and environmentally friendly.

wooden door frames

They Are Very Energy Efficient

Wooden window frames are available in both single and double glazing, ensuring that you can still have beautiful natural wooden frames and still keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

More than just with the glass, wood is an excellent insulator and the actual frames are far better at insulating your home around the edges than traditional steel or aluminium frames.

Lastly, wood has the lowest environmental impact as it is carbon neutral, completely recyclable and fully sustainable if sourced from sustainable forests or plantations.

Wooden Window And Door Frames Are Not Overpriced

If you’re buying good quality timber window and door frames, they may seem expensive upfront. But since they can last well over 50 years if properly treated and regularly maintained, they can actually turn out to be a cheaper alternative in the long run. Wooden frames also don’t typically have the complex rubber sealing components which come with aluminium or steel frames and need periodic replacement, which can be an expensive exercise.

If you also consider than wood is an excellent insulator, helping you save money on electricity, and has great aesthetic appeal, which means you’ll be adding substantially to your property value, offering you great return on your investment.

wooden window or door frames

Have you got wooden window or door frames installed on your home? What has your experience been and do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you.

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Are Wooden Window Frames Still A Good Choice

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