Summer Savvy: How to Cool Your Home on a Budget

People of all ages love spending time outside during the summer. Free from the shackles of the classroom, the children ride bikes, explore the woods, and play sports outside. The college kids and young adults prefer to spend their summers checking out different rooftop bars and beer gardens, while the older crowd relaxes outside on the patio or by the pool with a cocktail and nice book. After a long day in the sun, you’ll want to escape the sweltering summer heat in the comfort of your own home. Luckily, there are a variety of different ways to keep your home cool over the summer without breaking the bank. Read below to learn more about cooling your home on a budget!

Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners are a great way to cool your home this summer. As their name implies, they do not require ducts. This differentiates them from central HVAC systems and saves homeowners from the costs related to ductwork installation. However, they are also compatible in homes with central air systems and ducts already installed. You can install a ductless unit anywhere in your home, and they are perfect in rooms that are out of reach from your ductwork.

Ductless air conditioners are one of the most efficient ways to cool your home. They drastically reduce your home’s energy bills while minimizing your carbon footprint. Most models come with high SEER and Energy Star rankings. They are also constructed with recycled materials and R-410A, an ozone-friendly refrigerant. Many ductless air conditioners also utilize smart technology to make operation easier.  For example, sensors detect when you enter and exit the room and alter the temperature accordingly. There are also smartphone apps and remote controls that allow you to control the temperature from the couch or the other room. With these innovations, the higher initial cost is offset by your drastic energy savings and reduced electric bill.

Homeowners also love ductless air conditioners because of their versatility. They act as heating devices during the winter and as an air filter. To keep your air quality up, remember to clean the air filter every four to six weeks by removing it and wiping it with a dry cloth. The efficiency, cost, versatility, and performance of ductless air conditioners make them perfect for homeowners looking to cool their house on a budget this summer!

Portable and Ventless Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are an excellent choice to cool your home on a budget. There are a variety of different models and types available at reasonable costs for homeowners. They are stand-alone units with each important component self-contained in a plastic or metal housing cabinet. Many models come on wheels to simplify their transportation, and they also operate as humidifiers. Overall, be wary that they are not as efficient as some other air conditioner types and models. Portable air conditioners are loved by homeowners because of their simplified installation. Simply follow the instructions in the manual, and you’ll have cold air in no time!

Window air conditioners are a reasonably priced ventless air conditioner. They are ideal in any small to medium sized room with a window, such as a studio or one bedroom apartment. They are very easy to install, affordable to maintain, and can serve as an excellent complement to an already existing central HVAC system. However, they are not without flaw. Window AC units are not very efficient or aesthetically pleasing, and they are very loud during operation.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans is an excellent way to reduce your home’s temperature and cooling cost. Their installation is simple and cheap, and they can be put in almost any room. Additionally, they require little maintenance. However, you should clean the blades regularly. Over time, dust accumulates on the blades and spreads throughout the room during operation. When using your ceiling fan, make sure the blades run counterclockwise. This allows them to disperse cool air throughout the room. You should also oil the blades regularly and fix any wobbling by tightening loose screws.

Awnings and Blinds

Awnings and Blinds

Install awnings and blinds in your home to keep sunlight out and drastically reduce the temperature inside. Awnings cover windows from the outside and can also provide shade to an outdoor living area such as a deck or patio. Conversely, blinds are installed on the interior of your home. They can be opened and shut at any moment, and there are new technological updates that allow homeowners to control them from a remote control or smartphone. Both awnings and blinds are inexpensive and easy to install.

Blackout curtains are the most efficient type of blinds, as they block out all the sunlight and make the room pitch black when shut. By blocking sunlight, awnings and blinds reduce the temperature in the room. They also decrease the strain on your air conditioner which, in turn, lowers your electric bill. They also serve other benefits, such as reducing the glare on your television.


Upgrading your home’s insulation is another way to cool your home on a budget this summer. When your home is properly insulated, it does not allow air inside to leave and keeps outside air from entering. Therefore, it keeps the cold air inside and hot air out over the summer. Your attic is one area that must be properly insulated, and you should check this before the summer. If it is not, the temperature increases drastically and eventually impacts your entire house.

Don’t forget to call a professional for any insulation, awning, or HVAC installation. These are not tasks that homeowners can handle themselves for a variety of reasons. For example, self-installation voids some HVAC warranties.

Spending time outside is one of the many benefits of summer, but you need a place to relax afterwards. With this guide, keep your electricity bill down as the temperatures rise this summer and cool yours on a budget!

Emily Hodges
Emily Hodges
Emily Hodges is a Marketing Communications Specialist for Comfort Up, a provider of indoor and outdoor heating and cooling systems. Emily oversees all marketing related functions from their Miami, FL office. In her spare time, she loves all things interior design and has helped many friends completely renovate their homes.


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