Super Effective DIY Home Cleaning Tips That Professional Cleaners Use

It’s not easy to find time to clean the house, especially if you’re working eight hours a day. There are times when you might feel the need to hire professional cleaners to work in your home just to avoid exhausting energy. Cleaning services come at a cost, but more often than not you get what you pay for since these professionals are well-trained and can surely bring your home back to pristine condition.

But what if we told you that there are ways to clean your house just like a professional cleaner would, minus the costs? In this article, we will provide you with some simple yet effective do-it-yourself home cleaning tips that will make other people think cleaning experts handled the task.

Organized Cleaning is Key

In order to clean your house as well as a professional would, it is important to adopt a specific and routine cleaning system. Professional cleaners save a lot of time and energy by using an organized and systematic way of cleaning the house. You can devise your own method to better suit your priorities, but make sure that you stick to your routine to avoid wasting time.

The first thing cleaning experts consider in devising a system is the cleaning pattern. The recommended pattern is top to bottom, making sure you clean the rooms on the upper floor of the house first before touching the areas below. Some experts suggest going at it on a task-per-task basis instead of room-to-room; meaning you perform a specific cleaning task on every room first, before coming back to each room for a second cleaning task, if necessary. Determine your priorities as well as comfort levels in choosing which pattern to work with. For instance, if you’d rather keep specific rooms clean, room-to-room cleaning might suit you better because you get to focus on areas of the house you favour more than others. This pattern could also go better with people who get tired easily since they won’t have to keep returning to the same room for additional tasks once they’ve finished cleaning it.

Stock Up on Cleaning Products

Professional cleaners are able to do their job well because aside from their training, they also have the necessary cleaning materials and equipment for different types of houses and surfaces. If you want your cleaning to resemble theirs in any way, then you will also need to make sure you stock up on the right cleaning products.

There are several cleaning products available in stores, so you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. You can do research first by browsing online and checking which products work well with the surfaces you have at home, and which of these products are recommended by experts. You can also compare prices to ensure you won’t be breaking the bank with your purchases. If possible, go for multi-use products to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Stock Up On Cleaning Products

Vacuuming the Floor is a Must

The floor is one of the dirtiest parts of the house and with good reason. It interacts the most with people’s shoes, slippers or feet as they go about the house, and this movement brings the dirt all over your home. It is also where most, if not all of the stored dirt from the ceilings and the walls fall off. Vacuuming the floor is a priority if you want to keep your house clean and germ-free.

It’s not enough that you bring the vacuum inside every room and hoover away. You also need to be careful and meticulous. After cleaning the floors, vacuum the furniture as well because dirt can easily gather in the corners and edges of chairs and sofa sets. The corners of the dining room and the kitchen areas can collect food leftovers easily, and crumbs tend to give a foul smell over time, so you surely would want to prevent that by closely vacuuming these places. Even lamp shades can gather dirt if left untouched, so use the vacuum cleaner on them, too. Remember that there are certain types of floors that dirt can stick especially well to, and sometimes the vacuum cleaner simply can’t remove stuck-on debris. Use a mop and wet water (or cleaning products, depending on the surface) to scrub off the dirt if necessary.

Learn to Declutter

Before cleaning the house, make sure that the rooms have also been decluttered. While most people think cleaning and clearing clutter can be done at the same time, it would be ideal if you can focus on cleaning instead. Professional cleaners usually ask homeowners to declutter first before they arrive. This actually works as a favour to homeowners, since the time they pay the cleaner can then be used to actually clean the house instead of helping them organize their possessions. Declutter whenever possible so that when your cleaning schedule comes up, you can work more efficiently.

What are some of the cleaning tips or routines which you use to keep your home looking like it’s just been professionally cleaned? Let us know in the comments section below.

Penny Roussis
Penny Roussis
Penny is a stay at home mom that loves blogging about effective home cleaning tips to help struggling moms strike the balance between a clean home and the daily duties of raising children.



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